The First and Best Way to treat & Heal from PTSD is…….

The first and best way to treat & heal from PTSD is to redefine in and its treatment.


11/18/2021 7 min read

The first and best way to treat & heal from PTSD is to redefine in and its treatment.

When working with anyone in difficulty it must be of paramount importance to offer Hope from the offset.

Clients who suffer from PTS need to know that their condition isn’t a mental illness, that they don't have a disorder, rather their condition is a Disturbance in their Life Force Energy, their Spirit, their Soul.

When we talk about PTSD ,we must be referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disturbance.

Think about it, a client comes to you who suffered an terrible traumatic event in their past, although they suffered this event, they did everything they could with what they had, to cope and survive it.

A lesser mortal might have succumbed to the event, or thrown in the towel, but not your client. their strength and courage and determination got them through that event, and now they come looking from help from you and others, to break free from this.

To suggest to them that their best efforts, that kept them safe and sane; is in actual fact a mental illness, a mood disorder, is the wrong message they need to hear.

The event is past, they are no longer in the event ,it is a part of their history, what they are suffering is a memory of this event that actually happened to a younger aspect of themselves.

This is in fact why it is a disturbance and not a disorder!

Memories are not real or tangible, they don’t belong in the present. they had their day and it is only right and proper to release the past to history, so that each of us can fully live in the present.

Promoting to clients such therapies like regression is in some way, detrimental to the client.

We each of us only have these 24 hours, there isn't a time machine whereby we can back into our past and change things or into the future either.

The truth is each client suffering from a P T S Disturbance, is in fact, a Wounded Warrior who Survived their traumatic event.

This further promotes the understanding that modern man-made solutions cannot change or alter past events, so we need to introduce such clients to

a Spiritual Solution.

The greatest underused power available to each and everyone of us, is The Power of Prayer.

Prayer works. Not too long ago here in northern Thailand, a busload of school children got trapped in underground caves by the monsoon rain; the whole country, nay the whole world; Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists and Agnostics prayed for their safe return; from what was believed to be a hopeless situation; & their prayers were answered.

The Bible tells us quite clearly, when you choose to declare yourself as a Child of God [ & it is a solemn choice we each have to make] ask Him to cast out your demons and He will.

I can see the scoffers shaking their heads at this, I understand , I was a scoffer for almost all of my life, until I was desperate enough, and beaten down enough, to learn how to ask Him to cast out my demons and then to do so, and experienced the spiritual awakening moment, when I felt a shift in my very soul, and I knew peace.

Folks had told me of their moments as I am telling you now & most likely you are experiencing the same skepticism that challenged me at that time.

The bottom line, is whether we are sick and tired enough of always feeling sick and tired of this brokenness; of this event defining how you live in the present, we get to the point where we are ready to try anything,

This is that point!

One could ask you what do you have to lose, but the proper question would be What do you want to lose:

Cast out my demons

Release me from my nightmares and flashbacks

Release me from my night terrors

Free me from the dependency on medication, drugs, alcohol, sugar, dysfunctional destructive behaviors. self harm/abuse, shame, guilt ,blame. victimhood.

Free me from co-dependency of others

What do you want to gain:

Peace of mind [even if only for 5 minutes at a time]

Peaceful sleep

Falling away of my social anxiety

More positive attitude


Acceptance of life on life’s terms

Relationships, Friendships, Intimacy, a Family

Able to hold down a job

To be normal

Treating PTS as disorder offers No Hope of a full recovery, but when we treat PTS as a DISTURBANCE, we offer the sufferer a light at the end of the tunnel that it isn’t an oncoming train, but Bountiful Hope.

Most of us have no idea of how to pray, sure as children we learned certain prayers that we could rattle off with no energy invested in the voicing of such prayers.

I learned that there is one prayer we can use to ask God to cast out our demons and free us from our PTS Disturbance and that is to personalize The Lord’s Prayer.

Don't let the fact that you lost your faith, or you blamed Him for all your ills and woes, The Bible clearly tells us, when we make that choice to embrace Him as our Lord, Master and Guide, we can ask of Him what we need and He will come to our rescue.

If it’s your intention to ask for your demons to be cast out and then turn your back on Him and go back to your old ways, let me warn you the relief you experience, will be short-lived.

I will share with you how I use The Lord’s Prayer, please feel free to use it as such or rephrase it to match your needs.

Don’t doubt the power, doubt blocks prayers from bearing fruit

Know that once we ask Him, it is then on His terms, not ours.

Repeat this prayer throughout the day.

Choose one word that you can use as a mantra that would represent this prayer of yours & then practice meditative breathing to that mantra.

For me I used the word FREEDOM

For the meditation practice, anytime you feel threatened or just want to steady your mind or heart, breathe in gently through your nose into your belly, mentioning your word ‘FREEDOM’

On the outbreath through your nose, place your lip against the roof of your mouth and hum the sounds Amen or Aum.



For too long I have tried to be in control of my life in all areas, and I now see my best efforts are not good enough and so I stand down from this role and accept that you are indeed back in control. Today, I ask you to be my boss, to lead and guide me from this moment forward. I understand that there are 9 named titles for you and today I call upon you in the role of healer, to heal my past and cast out my demons, Lord Jehovah Rapha.


Lord Jehovah Rapha, fill my soul ,my mind, my heart, with the holy spirit. may my whole body be cloaked in your armor to protect me from the slings and arrows from the past.


lord Jehovah Rapha, clear from me all thoughts and feeling of blame & shame, guilt & remorse, anger, rage & resentment and fill me with forgiveness, tolerance, loving kindness, patience and greater self worth and self acceptance


Lord Jehovah Rapha, i understand that i forgive those who harmed me and robbed me of my innocence not for them, they may never find out they have been forgiven, but i forgive them so they no longer hold rent-free space in my head, I understand that when I forgive them and pray for them and wish them abundance of happiness of all the things I want, that they should get it all, my subconscious mind gets the message that I no longer bear a grudge, and this means in future I no longer react to triggers that up until now, ruled me


Lord Jehovah Rapha, protect me from ever missing the role of victimhood, for a long time it was a safe place for me, where I could manipulate others to mind me and I could get away with inappropriate behavior. From this moment on, I choose to never go back and with your help ,one day at a time i can be free.


Lord Jehovah Rapha, I know my perspective is my biggest challenge and if not careful can fall back into my sinful nature of playing at being God. Please protect me from myself, always reminding me THY WILL BE DONE


Lord Jehovah Rapha, the idea of gaining even 5 minutes of peace of mind, from my past, the memory ,the triggers; its a gift beyond I can experience 5 minutes ,this means i can experience 3 x 5 minutes and 12 x 3 minutes to experience 15 or 60 minutes at a time, and all I need do is invite you to abide in me, from this moment forth.

I want this power and glory to always protect me from my PTSD for ever and ever. For me to reject this opportunity would clearly be a sign of the insanity that is waiting for me in the shadows.


I pray you can see the benefit in looking at a spiritual solution for your condition, i have worked with clients who have been in treatment for years resigned to never living a normal life, who jumped at the chance for complete freedom of their past and now live normal simple lives, 24 hours at a time.

I am not professionally qualified in any way, only that I have perfected My Victory Principle to teach others how to process, heal & release their past trauma memories to their rightful owners.

I can fully understand it can be very hard for one to take too big a chance and to those of you who might feel this way, might I suggest you find a Christian psychiatrist or psychologist, to work with who would be better qualified than I . Please feel free to introduce them too my three principle

The victory principle

The profile principle

The separation principle

Also, drop in on your local pastor and ask them to teach you all about prayer, the titles and names of God, His son Christ Yeshua and The Holy Spirit.

You don’t have to join a religion or attend a church to invite the Lord Jehovah Rapha into you life and recovery; but it does help to learn from others more qualified to teach you, so don't let such challenges put your off your goal of achieving Freedom from your Demons, even if only for 5 minutes at a time.