The Truth Shall Set You Free From PTSD Principle

The past is not who we are today, it should not define us; it’s time to let go of it completely and concentrate on this moment in time. There is enough in these 24 hours to keep us occupied without trying to fix or save others.


11/11/2021 3 min read

Please God, you were hurting just enough to give The Profile Principle a chance & realize that the past is now history, and no longer your story.

We only have this moment in time, within these 24 hours where we exist.

The past is dead to us, our history and as such we are powerless to change any of it in anyway.

When we attempt to meddle with history, it invades our lives in the present having a domino effect and causing many areas of our lives to be unmanageable.

The truth is we cannot fix or save another person, even if that person is a past aspect of ourselves. it is scientifically impossible to change the past.

There has only ever been One Being who could change the past, perform miracles, heal the sick & lame, raise the dead and cast out demons.

That one is Christ Yeshua and as 12 step programs suggest:

“May You Find Him Now.”

In earlier blog posts and on my YouTube channel I suggest the following concept of what is fundamentally wrong with the diagnosis of PTSD:

‘You break your leg, and I care so deeply about you , that I put my leg in a cast and take a variety of medication for the pain & anger and frustration you are suffering.’

How does that help you to heal? and more importantly, how will this effect my life, being treated for something that didn’t happen to me?

We only have this moment in time, even the moment 5 minutes ago is gone, we can regret what the decision we did or didn't make 5 minutes ago; we can apologize, make amends or restitution but we cannot go back and undo that moment, which is now 6 minutes ago, slowly receding into history.


It might be the case we didn't stand up for ourselves and now filled with anger, shame and frustration we wish we had handled it better, been more forceful.

None of these responses are helpful to living and being present in the moment, right now, they lead us into the land of victimhood and resentment.

But when we accept that happened and let it go, we can become stronger through having survived that event.

We are still standing, which means we are survivors!

We have not let the event stop us from still standing so we are warriors, wounded warriors!

What we came through would have floored an elephant, overpowered a lesser mortal but we survived it, we are still standing today.

We are not broken, defeated, suffering from a disorder,

No! we are Wounded Survivor Warriors!

Taking the time to use the concept of The Profile Principle and following up with The Separation Principle, we clearly see with our own eyes, that all the baggage we have been carrying and attempting to work through; unsuccessfully; powerless to process, heal and release it; causing our lives to be unmanageable; was never ours in the first place but belonged to different aspects of us.

More importantly , the truth of The Profile Principle: as you don’t want future aspects of you, to suffer your trials and challenges that you face today, it clearly implies that all those past aspects of you, felt as you do about your future self; that none of them ever wanted you to carry their baggage or suffer it.

Their dream; as yours would be for your future selves; would be you giving them back their baggage and focusing on the adventure your life should be, living today, in this moment, in there 24 hours.

You now know from your Profile exactly what your life should be about; forgetting the past ,yet not wishing to shut the door on it, you accept that you are powerless to change any of it and try A Spiritual Solution something like The Victory Principle so that you can give back the past to its rightful owner[s].

It’s time to embrace ‘the truth of it’ and process, heal and release the past, in a safe and non-intrusive manner, giving it back; so you can really live in the present, experiencing Joy ,Hope, Purpose, Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth; embracing how the past events have made you stronger, not only for yourself, but also for others who follow on your path.

Allow the truth to set you free, you are a wounded survivor warrior, still standing today & no matter how much therapy, journaling or medication you try; your demons, if anything grow stronger. All this effort is feeding the pain and hurt in the same way if you want to put out a fire, you don’t keep adding fuel to it.

The insanity of it all, is in the mistaken belief that we can change our past!

It’s humanly impossible to change the past!


Please excuse me for shouting, it frustrates me that so many professionals promote the idea that one can change their past in some way, it’s ludicrous!

We only have today, these 24 hours, right down to this moment. That’s it!

Embrace this truth and it will set you free of all your past demons, and allow you to walk into freedom.

We only have this one life, it is such a shame to waste it tryin to feel and heal the pain and suffering of those that went before us.

We owe it to them to live a life beyond their wildest dreams ands to do this we must let go of the past, all of it.