M.I.A……all because of a ..T.I.A

I'ts been a month since i have posted anything of my website, blog platforms or social media, because of suffering ,totally out of the blue, a T.I.A….. [A transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a temporary period of symptoms similar to those of a stroke. A TIA usually lasts only a few minutes and doesn’t cause permanent damage. Often called a mini-stroke, a transient ischemic attack may be a warning.]


9/20/2021 2 min read

I’m not saying I am the healthiest guy around, far from it, but at 60 years of age and no more a drinker or smoker, I believed I was healthy enough. So, 4 weeks ago, visiting the little boys room at about 5am and washing my hands afterwards, experienced this horrible experience.

I had the misfortune of being present prior to my father’s death ,where he suffered multiple strokes; the memory flashed back in my mind, and the futility of worrying about mundane stuff like is Covid a conspiracy or some such and here I am thinking ,could this be it?

To be honest, I attempted to deny the event, returning to my bed, wobbling would be a fairer assessment of my gait, praying and using my energy practices hoping it would all go away. Realizing the seriousness of it all, I woke my sleeping wife, and she jumped into action and we were off .I cannot express how lucky I am to have my wife in my life; in my corner. I’d be lost without her.

My prayers to The Good Lord, that I live until my youngest reaches his twenties; I believed was set in stone; only to learn for God to do His Part, I would be obliged to do my part also . ‘’Faith Without Works is Dead’’.

Seeing your children in tears, fearing the worst is a sobering lesson, bringing the reality of this situation to light.

Thankfully, the TIA wore off about 2 hours later at the hospital and I was allowed home on condition that I did no work of any kind for the following month as well as making drastic changes in my lifestyle.

Here I sit, just over a month later, with a whole new diet put in place by my better half, getting in my daily exercise routines morning and evenings and really embracing breathworks for creating clearer fresh airflow to my brain.

Learning that one isn’t indestructible and this body is a temple and should be treated as such; brings home how conscious we each have to be; in living our lives today.

Thank God casting out my demons of my past trauma memory; I believe had I still being suffering that burden; the outcome of this health warning could have been entirely different.

We only have one shot at this life and we need all our attention focused on the here and now. i can really see that today.

It doesn’t work as well if we are enduring a past event, that in all honesty we are powerless over!

Or this terrible truth that bringing it into our lives today, causes our lives to become unmanageable.

It is my goal, today, from this moment onward, to let go of the past and the future, letting God deal with the past, spiritually, and also take charge of all outcomes in the future. this decision will allow me ot concentrate on all aspects of my life today and how i can be more loving and supportive for my young family and those around me and those I care for.

There’s enough on my plate with all this without the need to carry the burden of others, especially when they didn’t even ask me to do so.