The 60 Day Rule

The Bible clearly tells us there is a time to grieve and then let go and move forward.


1/17/2022 2 min read

Lately my household have been addicted to Japanese and Korean tv series and movies and I am doubly impressed by how how goof the storylines are, even when we are subjected to subtitles.

Recently the latest to be viewed was a series called The Maid.

The story revolves around the loss of the wife and mother of a young family and that process. The father is tasked in explaining to his three children , a teenager ,an adolescent and a minor about the 60 Day Rule. This is happening the morning a new maid is about to take up her duties with the family. the dad, not knowing how to have this conversation attempts to hand that duty to the eldest child to explain it when the maid starts explaining it.

“ the sixty day rule, means that we grieve the loss of a loved one for 60 days and after that day, today, we let them go and move on. We never speak about them again, we remove everything of theirs from the environment and we start to live again”

Christians have a similar practice outlined in the Bible. We are meant to grieve also[for a set period] this can include: fasting; wearing sack clothing; wearing ashes; self humiliation; isolating; grieving; lamenting; lashing oneself; letting one’s hair down ; suffering to replicate such a death.

At a set time, there is a ceremony to to process this grief and move forward, very much in the same like as the 60 Day Rule.

This got me thinking about past trauma memories and any loss, whether a loved one, or one’s youth or innocence.

We are meant to live in these 24 hours only!

All of the yesterdays are not ours to suffer, they are belonging to younger aspects of our selves, which are often referred to as our inner children.

In the same way, I sure as hell , don’t want future versions of myself having to deal with what is facing me today, it therefore implies that my ‘inner children’ have no desire or need for me to deal with their events and challenges in my present.

Today, all my past aspects have survived their demons, they are now no longer of this world, they are playful safe and sound in the Garden of Eden, surrounded by God’s very own Angels , so far removed from their demons; all they need for each of us, is to return to them, what is theirs and live the life today they hoped they created for us by their suffering of their events and subsequently surviving them.

This means finding a person or persons who can help you create your own final 60 Day Grieving Process.

Although one might have been suffering their traumatic memory for too long already; it is perfectly acceptable to create a healing event today, and taking those full 60 Days to cleanse one heart, mind and soul.

Please feel free to use my #Victory Principle with that person[s] you choose for this event.

Might I suggest you employ the expertise of a Biblical or Christian therapist, psychotherapist or even your local Pastor to work with you and your therapist or trusted other.

Whether you Invest in a Bible or just google the information, you can get started by creating a Healthy Foundation: Mentally, Emotionally and most importantly, Spiritually.

The bottom line is the only person on this earth who can heal a person of any past trauma memory, is that person themselves; but this requires an Honest and Openminded Willingness to think outside of the box and mix Their Works with a Faith in God to achieve this.

We know our truths!

Our past aspects want us to live a life beyond their wildest dreams!

They certainly didn’t suffer what they suffered, hoping we would suffer it too!

That’s insanity right there!

No! They want us to return to them what is rightfully theirs.

This is our only purpose when it comes to Past Trauma Memories.