The Best 24 hour Recovery Plan for those who suffer from Past Trauma Memory and PTSD.

When one embraces the reality that the past trauma they are suffering is not theirs to suffer, but the property of a past aspect of them, the healing release can lead to a honeymoon period followed by fear and doubt.


12/14/2021 6 min read

To combat this it is imperative that such warrior survivors have some form of battle plan in place to combat, unexpected triggers & other uncovered trauma.

There is a need then to put together a plan that can enable one to manage life on life’s terms one day at a time.

This 24 hour plan is simple in its form and easy enough for any of us to implement.

From the first having suggested we are Spiritual Beings Living Immortal Lives of 24 hours at a time; we are only alive in each 24 hours; so literally we live 365 immortal lives each year.

Yesterday is gone, it’s now a part of our history, and we cannot effect the events of yesterday, no matter how much we wish we could.

All we have, power over and the ability to manage, is within each of these 24 hours, one day at a time.

Breaking down each day of 24 hours into 3 portions of 8 hours each, we find it much easier to manage life as such.

We don't have to look at all of the future and wonder what we will do tomorrow or next week, month or year.

We now separate the challenge into these 3 time zones

8 hours of sleep

In this 8 hours, we allot 30 minutes before and after sleep to clear our minds with breath exercises, prayer, reflection and meditation on our reflections.


Sitting, standing, walking; breathe in gently through your nose, feeling the breath expand your tummy like a balloon.

Exhale through your nose pulling your bellybutton into your spine; place your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hum softly in time with your breath leaving your body


This time, repeating the same practice as above, except this time you fill your tummy first, then you expand your stomach and finally fill your chest; all with the same inhale.

Release this breath in the same way with the humming action.

[there are plenty of breathing exercises available on the web]

Most Christian centers and churches will give you a Free Bible if you have not got one or cannot afford one. There are many Free Bible Apps. There are also books and apps on all The Wisdom to be found in the Bible, whether the Old or New Testament, the Psalms, or my favorite, Proverbs and Revelations and most of all every and anything written by Paul.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

This has to a personal practice, whether you agree with my suggestions or not, find some excerpt that resonates with you; repeat it aloud a few times, then silently to yourself; imagine you are such a person, whatever you have chosen to read, sit in silence reflecting on how this might feel. this quiet time is your meditation practice, it is almost impossible for lay people to truly quieten the mind, it’s much easier not to punish ourselves by such a challenge, rather replace such ruminations with more spiritual thoughts & ideals that might silence our minds, protecting us from nightmares and restlessness, during this much needed time of peaceful nourishing sleep.

On awakening a practice of gratitude for such peaceful sleep and asking to be taken care of throughout the whole day[ when I first started this, i would ask to keep me sane until my lunch break, and getting through my morning, I'd have another chat then, to get me through to the end of my day.]

8 hours of work/education/service.

In this 8 hour period, we look at how we can give 100% of our best effort to whatever it is we are doing in life, whether employed, in education or unemployed[ thus gaining the opportunity to be of service in our community, possibly through volunteering.

8 hours of play

In this 8 hour period, we set aside 30 minutes for ourselves at the end of the day. this might be to go for a walk, smoke, vape, have your cake and eat it, whatever works for you to reward you for a full day lived.

the rest of this period is focusing on

your partner

your children [individually & collectively]

family of origin [ individually and collectively]

church/spiritual practice/ fellowship ..

in laws

close friends

extended family

fitness and exercise


special interests

team sports/social gatherings

the local community

The belief is, the fuller our lives can become outside of ourselves, the less time we are focused on what is wrong with us.

When we focus on other people, unconditionally and without any reservation, we become a new creation, literally the kind of good energy that people are attracted to.

We know these kind of people, we meet them and there is something about them that makes us feel better about ourselves when we are in their company. When we strive to live like this, we become these people magnets, effortlessly.

The list placed before you might seem to big a challenge, but you’ll find when in comes to family and friends it might only involve as phone call, for extended family especially elderly parents, aunts and uncles, a postal letter is a treasured gift in these days of email and texting,

Time with partner and children needs to be adhered to, but it doesn't have to be over the top, it is intimacy, for younger children it might be playing ball or bedtime stories, for older children it might be interest in how their day was or offer to help them with their homework.

With your partner it can me a moment of affection, offering to give them a break, to taking time to chat about their day.

Remember, the solution to processing, healing and releasing past trauma memory proposed here is through the teachings of Christ Yeshua and so look at learning more about those teachings whether joining a Bible or Scripture study group or meeting with your local pastor or another available church member who can teach you what they know.

There are 12 step programs such as ACA & ACOA ,where we meet like minded Warrior Survivors who have walked the walk, & gladly showing us how to set & hold healthier boundaries and as importantly, teaching us to heal by being kind and loving to ourselves.

When you go to work, school or college, commit to be the best you can be throughout your day, don't look for reasons or excuses to fail, just do the best you can, being present for each part of your day. A good trick is to break up your working/school/college day into time zones as well:

Start of work to your morning break, at this time excuse yourself and privately [even if it means in a toilet stall] repeat one of the above breath exercises or prayers for a few minutes before you return to the second time zone of your day, the time between the morning break and your lunch break. Do the same this with your afternoon periods & at the end of the day before you return home.

For adults, it helps to have a change of clothes at work, so you can leave that energy behind, rather than taking it home with you, to soil your safe place that is your home.

It is the nature of us victims to keep to ourselves, we have trust issues, my suggesting that you should get involved in team sports and social activities is not shared lightly, Please God ,there is someone you trust, you feel safe with; ask them to join such enterprises with you.

This is all about each of us, accepting the responsibility of living and it only for these 24 hours, its not for the rest of our lives, just today, this day, right now.

Understand if you awaken at 7am and leave for work or college by 8 am, you only have 16 hours left to contend with.

Do the math, allow 15 minutes for each morning and afternoon break and an hour for your lunch break, and you're now down to 14 1/2 hours to contend with.

Maybe it takes 45 minutes to get to work and to get home again, that's another hour & a half ,you’re now down to 13 hours to go.

Lets assume you retire for the night by 10pm, that’s another 2 hours off the clock, all you have left to contend with is 11 hours.

Remember 30 minutes at the end of the day is solely for you; you can choose anything you wish to do, it is your quality time, but this means your time is now whittled down from 24 hours to 10 1/2 hours.

Now look at all the activities you are going to bring into your life and you need to attempt to do all or most of it in only 10 and a half hours.

There is no time to focus on yourself or ruminate on your past memories, so you continue to ask God to mind them for you. He will never truly take them away completely because its the nature of man to self abuse themselves.

All is going well and then for no apparent reason we can feel guilty for feeling good and we take back ownership of the burden we suffered for so long that was never ours to suffer in the first place.

This is why we need to keep our lives focused on one day at a time, these 24 hours only.

Give yourself and anyone you know this gift, we all need all the help we can get. its not that we want people to fix or save us but more like the message about teaching a man to fish rather than giving him fish to eat.

It’s time to stop being a victim, remember we are Warrior Survivors, that we are meant to live our lives today abundantly, not endure life at the cost of another's pain, that is plain and simple insanity.