To Be Or Not To Be!!

… a Damaged Broken Victim or a Wounded Warrior Survivor…


10/21/2021 2 min read

… a Damaged Broken Victim or a Wounded Warrior Survivor…

For those of us who have suffered or continue to suffer a past trauma event, its too easy to remain a damaged or broken victim. This leads to victim mentality and victim complex, which have a sabotaging effect on the long term recovery from our demons. Society, unfortunately and unwittingly, promotes these conditions in the sufferer, by focusing on what the victim presents with rather than finding a concrete solution to cast aside these demons from the off.

As the world of modern therapy is unable to process, heal and release the past, only capable of working with what each client presents with, this causes the client to relive the role of victimhood in that event, by expressing their feelings.

As they were victims at the time of the event, being offered a safe therapeutic place where that person can re-experience the event, leads the client to manifest victim mentality in the now.

Whereas, were we to introduce the client to the concept that they are in fact Warriors who Survived an event that a lesser person would have succumbed to; that would have floored an elephant; in this moment we offer the client self-belief, hope and purpose and the knowledge that they can recover fully from this event.

Furthermore, they are not Broken ,Damaged or Victims, rather they are Wounded, and wounds can heal over time.

Therapy should be about offering clients hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Therapy should not be about labelling Warriors Survivors as having disorders and instilling a victim mentality or complex on that person.

This has always confused and challenged me. How can it be that a person who struggles on, to the best of their abilities and survive their traumatic past, comes looking for help and are told, their best efforts at staying safe and sane, are a mental disorder.

I mentioned in an earlier post about us either being a part of the problem or part of the solution, and here we have the survivor, now being told they are the problem.

I also mentioned earlier about Cause and Effect. What the client presents with is the effect & the cause is the event. The problem is the event, not how the client presents.

In an earlier post, I share the illustration of one breaking their leg, going to the hospital and the doctor prescribes medication for the physical pain and medication for how that person is presenting emotionally. And then sent home. For awhile one does not feel the pain, but over time gangrene can set in and the leg can be lost. Had the doctor treated the leg, the emotional wounds light have healed on their own.

It’s the same with the traumatic event and treating the client as a Wounded Warrior Survivor rather than a damaged broken victim. Treat the event, cast out the demons and the warrior can have their wounds healed, they might even heal naturally, without any need from the outside world.

The fact that the event is part of the past, our history and cannot be treated in the present by modern means, we require an open-mindedness to embrace the concept of a spiritual solution.

Either the most important person in this whole affair is the client or its the mental health industry.

Each and every person on this earth; deserves the right to live their lives present in the present; not tormented by the past or dreading the future.