Attachment & Co-Dependency are other names for Addiction!!

Whatever we latch on to, wherever we invest our time and energy, that is our addiction.


12/31/2021 5 min read

We tend to think of Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Sugar and Porn as the real addictions; turning a blind eye to other habits and behaviors because they aren’t as bad.

But the sad truth is that we are all addicts in some way and these addictive behaviors and habits are detrimental to the well-being of both our families and ourselves.

A therapist who is committed to their clients, wanting to be the best in their field, is addicted to the success they can achieve in the well being of their clients. This appears to be a healthy behavior but the attention given to this goal, can have an adverse effect on their personal relationships as well as their health and well-beings. The track record for mental health professionals sufferings burn-out is 3–5 years.

The businessman who wants to achieve the promise land of success to provide for his family, misses an actual living experience with his wife and children, until on reaching his goal, he finds he has lost his goal.

The sports person who will do everything and sacrifice anything to achieve success

The religious leader who browbeats his congregation into submission of his beliefs and ways

The parents to wants their children to turn out a certain way, to be the best they want them to be.

The spouse who wants their partner to be a certain way

We all know these habits and behaviors, we can see them in others and if we are truly honest, we can see these in ourselves.

I know the argument, I have voiced them myself,

‘its not like I'm a drug addict!’

Whatever we are attached to; whatever we are co-dependent of; whatever we allow rule our lives; whatever we give our power to; that is our addiction.

For those of us who have suffered from Past Trauma Memory, commonly referred to as PTSD , our attachment to the past memory, the regression, reliving, blaming, shaming, guilt, revisited; this has become our addiction.

There is only one way to heal from addiction and that is to let go of that behavior or habit!

The past is now our history, it is not to be brought into the present, this is common sense!

We cannot change any part of our past, whether yesterday, last week or our trauma memory event; it is totally impossible!

We are spiritual immortal beings living in these physical mortal forms.

We are only in existence in this moment, in each of these 24 hours.

When we retire at night we die a death and on awakening we are new creations.

Our duty is to life, to living these 24 hours only.

The past we must let go of, releasing it back to those rightful owners; those past aspects of us who suffered the event[s].

Like treating an addiction, all the therapy and medication will not help us heal, to do so we must embrace complete abstinence from the trauma event.

This means embracing a solution like The Victory Principle to Process, Heal and Release the past trauma event back to its rightful owner; embracing The Teachings of Christ to enable the casting out of said demons, and experiencing the promised miracle in the process.

Depending on how long you have suffered this burden of a past trauma memory, this might prove a very challenging concept to swallow. Recovery is not easy for most folks, we get sucked into our attachments to therapy, medication, blaming, victimhood; the idea that we have to give up this life, this identity and start over, can be frightening.

Please understand, it’s not my place to judge whether one is strong enough or broken enough to want to heal; this will always be a personal decision; no-one has the right to tell another how they can live their life; the argument is whether you are living your life or in fact, enduring your life because of a burden you are suffering that isn’t yours.


We only have these 24 hours to live. No-one can live our lives for us. No-one can suffer our pain for us. Therefore, we cannot relive the past. We cannot suffer the pain of past versions of ourselves. It’s our duty, our responsibility to live these 24 hours to the fullest. We can regret the past but we cannot change it. We can make plans for the future but we cannot alter future events in the now. We have enough on our plates today, dealing with the troubles and challenges of today, without looking at the pain and hurts of persons long since dead.


just for a moment, look back on yesterday morning and how you got up, maybe you stayed in bed for an extra 10 minutes, meaning you had to skip breakfast to get your train to work. you can regret your actions and the consequences; you can make plans that in future you will get up on time. But, you cannot go back into the past ,into yesterday morning and undo how you got up. You are powerless to change yesterday morning.

this is a simple example to show you , none of us can change the past.

what happened to us yesterday didn’t happen to the person we are today, because we are 24 hours older, we are no longer the same person.

this truth frees us to see that the past event that troubles us is no longer ours to carry, we are powerless to change or fix or heal it, but there is one who has that power, and that is the owner of the event, the past aspect of you.


Bringing the past event, even if it was yesterday’s experience; has no right to be in the present moment, and when we bring it into the present, we cause untold unmanageability and disruption in our present lives, effecting people, places & things.

the past is belonging to history, we have no power or ability to manage it in the present moment.


Today, I know I wouldn’t want a future aspect of me to suffer my trials and tribulations of my life. I am fighting through my life, facing my challenges so that when it is their time, they will be free of my stuff, and living a life beyond my wildest dreams. i am totally opposed to future aspects suffering my life in their lifetimes. that is not the deal.

I would expect them to return to me all of my baggage, pains and hurts. For them to live their lives free of mine.

There is no valid reason why a future aspect of me should suffer my life.

There is no healthy therapeutic reason to suggest a future aspect of me ,should suffer my burden.

It goes against God’s Law for man, to attempt to play at being God.

We have no power over our histories, we can learn from them, we can remember them, but that’s it, no more than that!


There is a need to invoke healthy boundaries ,not only against our history but also around our persecutors or abusers that might still be living, such as parents; family, guardians & offenders.


Finding a support group such as ACA, in my opinion is a must. To meet fellow travelers who have walked your path; where one can have their voice heard; be shown a new way of living; i cannot stress how wonderful this experience is.


This is my very own practice that can enable anyone to process, heal and release their past trauma memory in a safe and non-intrusive manner.