These 24 hours are a Present….But there is a catch or three!

They are not refundable they are not returnable they have an expiry date we all know the saying ‘the past is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift. that is why it is called the present’ the problem is we take it for granted, without really understanding what it means.


1/3/2022 5 min read

This 24 hours is non-refundable ,nor is it returnable. It is a precious gift that has to be experienced in the now. It has a life of 24 hours only and then all of its life, all of its energy is used up.

The wonderful Carolyn Myss talks about each of us being given 24 hours of abundant energy each and every day. This energy is vibrant in each separate 24 hour cycle.

Were we to embrace and integrate this full day’s energy into these 24 hours, we would be capable of greatness, we could move mountains.

The problem is we are so vested in both the past and the future; we deplete our energy, sabotaging our hopes and dreams even before we get started.

On awakening we might expend 40% of this energy brooding on past yesterdays leading us to investing 20% of this life giving energy to fears in the future.

This means we can end up only having 40% of our 100% abundant life giving energy left to get through the day.

What should have started out as a stroll in the park, turns out to be a weary trudge through life.

This 40% of energy might just be enough to drag oneself out of bed, get dressed, make the journey to work , do the minimum and repeat the process till one gets home at the end of the day.

Having only 40% can cause a person to be completely burnt-out at the end of the day

God help the colleagues and staff who have to work with this drained co-worker

God help the customers who have to deal with this person in the hope of him/her being available to meet their needs

God help any innocent parties, life partners, spouses and children in the home having to face this prospect at the end of everyday

God help their fellow commuters that have to suffer such journeys in the company of such negative energy and understand it will be negative energy, they wont have any extra to buffer the strife of life, all are suffering due to this depletion of one’s energy.

This expiry date is written in time, it starts at 12 am and finishes at 12 pm midnight.

It’s power is only fruitful for these 24 hours only, Once its time is up, it no longer alive.

It is of no-use in the past or in the future.

It is a God given gift, 24 hours , 365 days of the year, each an immortal life.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is that gift.

The energy is only good in these 24 hours

We are only alive in these 24 hours

We cannot change the past, not one iota of the past can we change.

This is a Scientific Fact. It is also Common Sense referred to in the Bible as Wisdom.

Just imagine for one moment all of your past, especially those with Past Trauma Memory or PTSD; imagine you could let go of your past, be freed from the nightmares, flashbacks, night terrors, shame, blame &guilt.

You wake up tomorrow morning after a deep peaceful sleep and you are a new creation as promised in The Teachings of Christ.

All of your life force energy that you used to give away, to expend of that memory of a burden that was never yours to suffer in the first place, you would be supercharged; revitalized; as though you were given a shot in the arm.

I used to dream, fantasize about gaining one nights peaceful sleep, where I would wake up feeling fresh and alive. The truth was I always woke up drained and angry and frustrated with the world, especially people having what I so desperately wanted and it wasn’t a challenge, it wasn’t even an issue for them.

As long as I was fixated on my past and the wrongs done to me, all my energy was focused on that, leaving little to no energy to enjoy the gift of the present.

As I write this and the phrase enjoy ‘the gift of the present’ ,I cringe when realizing this was so far out of my reach, the idea of joy was so far removed from me, all I wanted was to know peace.

This led me to understand the past, all of it ,good/bad ; blame/shame ;righteous victimhood/,martyrdom, all of it had to be released.

Knowing it wasn't as simple as mentally letting it go, not being that strong.

Searching for a way to release it, accepting both my powerlessness and unmanageability of past and future events, all my best efforts & seeking man-made solutions failed me; comprehending the need to think outside of the box; sought a Spiritual Solution.

Awakening to the realization that my life only exists in these 24 hours, this God given day was a revelation to me.

The very first 24 hour experience after casting out my demons & processing, healing and releasing my Past Trauma Memory was mind blowing. Going to bed that night with a clear head; sleeping like a baby; awakening full of the joys of spring; going through my day, with so much, energy, diving into everything and never tiring.

This was a whole new experience.

It meant acceptance, self worth, joy, hope & purpose.

I would love to say I became a model citizen, committed to my new spiritual path, but old habits are hard to let go of; still challenged by thoughts and feelings; I live my life today, in these 24 hours only, life on life’s terms.

Expecting no more or no less that what is in front of me, striving to live my life fully, to the best of my abilities, one day at a time. in the present, enjoying this gift.

Looking upon my life as an immortal life of 24 hour lifetimes; staying centered in the present as God, as it possible for me, grateful to the Holy Spirit for keeping me close to the light and path of The Teachings of Christ.

At one time, led to believe my past was my burden to carry, leading me to focus most of my time, energy and resources, combatting the memories, thinking one day, I would overcome them.

The futility of thinking one could suffer the pain of another

The insanity of thinking one could carry the burden of another and retain one’s sanity.

The hypocrisy that one could revisit the past without repercussions on life in the present.

The Bible tells us clearly that it is common sense that the past nor the future are our domains.

We can learn from the past, and we can make plans for the future, but that’s it!

We do not let either define who we are today!








There is a solution, it is a Spiritual Solution, a gift from God to be put to use today, right now.

Please God, by now you have a slightly different perspective on how we treat Past Trauma Memory and those diagnosed with PTSD.

That you are open to this concept of treating the past spiritually.

You can do your own research into different religions and spiritual practices,


If you're open to taking the word of a stranger; not trained in theologian studies, neither a pastor, minister or clinical Christian psychologist or therapist;

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired any open to trying something old something new, then you are in pole position to cast out your own demons, process, heal and release that burden you have carried for far too long and embrace living in an abundant life force energy filled 24 hours, one day at a time;

Then you are ready to break free of your past , let go of your fear of the future that none of us are guaranteed and embrace your God given gift of these 24 hours, the present.