As Tom Hanks said in that movie.. Philadelphia.. .Explain It To Me As though I Am A Child!!

It just doesn’t make sense, not to me anyway. we only have one shot at life.. These 24 hours …Life is for living these 24 hours right now; we have no power over the past, we cannot change what has happened, in any way and although we can make plans for the future ,we have no control over it either. So, why does the mental health industry promote clients should revisit past trauma events; experience triggers associate with such events; when the truth is, what happened in the past didn’t happen to the client, couldn’t have happened to the client, because none of us can be the same person today as in the past. We have experienced life on life’s terms and this has changed us.


9/27/2021 4 min read

My biggest concern is ‘‘who benefits from creating a scenario where the clients are coerced into enduring their history in the present’’?

It certainly doesn’t improve the quality of life for the client.

It does however provide a steady repeat business for many facets of the mental health industry, therapists, hospital, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Following on from the NLP exercise I shared in my last blog post, one can see that what they are suffering, enduring in their lives from the past; from their history; is not theirs to fix; they were not asked to fix or seek justice for it; their past aspects suffered that event for them so that they would live adventurous lives off the back of the trauma event their past aspects suffered for them.

This being the truth of it; in the same way; it is my goal that future aspects of me do not suffer what I am facing today. I would not want that, that a future aspect of me, would suffer this for a second time. This time is solely mine, all of this is mine, and I am dealing with it. i may not handle it as well as i might with hindsight, but I am not asking for help in the future. I don't want future aspects of me to waste away their lives, suffering and enduring my troubles and challenges in their lifetimes; that is not the deal.

I am suffering and enduring and living my life with all its ups and downs, challenges failures and successes so that, all future aspects of me will live more fulfilling lives.

In the future, when you look back on my life, and my trauma event, don't look back with pity, the truth is I am a warrior, a survivor, I beat my demons, I survived my demons. I didn’t give up, I didn’t take my own life, I went through this for you.

Know, I don't need you to suffer this past event for me, when you do this, you are in fact, paying tribute to my abusers, honoring them; and that is not right or fair to me.

Unknowingly you are adding insult to injury when you keep my trauma event alive, even though I suffered it and survived it, so that you would be free.

As for justice for me, don’t let it bother you, right now I am surrounded my a whole Host of God’s Angels, keeping me safe and I know, that when my abusers come to meet The Maker, they will burn in the fires of hell for eternity, a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but that is The Price They Will Pay For Harming A Child Of God.

So find a way to give me back my burden, my history so that you can bless me with a gift of living your life today as a descendant of a warrior-survivor.

You are not suffering from a disorder.

You are suffering from a Spiritual Malady, attempting to process an event that isn’t your to heal.

As it is a part of our history, it is not tangible, therefore it is spiritual and when you can accept and embrace this truth, you are ready to accept and embrace it has a spiritual solution.

There comes a time when you accept the insanity of repeating the same therapy and medication solution, over and over expecting different results and become open to the idea that there is an easier softer way.

I can’t suffer your pain for you and you can’t suffer my pain for me!

Neither can you suffer the pain on any loved one, especially someone in your history!

It is your job to live your life today, to the fullest, in honor of what others suffered for you; giving you this life.

Isn’t it time, for you to live your life; to be a part of life; free of the past; of the nightmares and flashbacks; the night terrors; casting out demons that were never yours in the first place; no longer triggered by people, places, things, sounds, noises; colors; thunder & lightning.

To be able to look back on your history and when anyone asks you about it you can say:

‘’Yes, what happened to that child was a terrible thing, it should never have happened, but I am so very proud of them, they suffering it showed great courage, strength and will to survive.’’

and when they ask you how did that make you feel?

you can reply :

‘’I really feel for that child, angry that they were not protected better, but they got through it, for me and it is my goal to live my life fully for them’’

To be able to show appreciation to your younger self; within your heart, mind and soul; dedicating your life, to that part of you, to rise up like A Phoenix From Their Ashes and to truly live and enjoy your life for them.

By embracing a spiritual solution, you give back all of this baggage and burden to it’s rightful owner, that you are never triggered by any of it again.

Remember, if I break my leg, you putting your leg in a cast and taking medication for it, wont help my broken leg in any way; at the same time, this behavior will damage you Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually; even though well intended.

There is only one person on this earth who can heal you, you only need learn how.

There is only one way you can process, heal and release your past, to be free to truly live your life today as God intended, and that is through a Spiritual Solution.

Your domain, where you are not powerless is in these 24 hours. This is the gift your past aspect created for you by surviving their trauma event and you owe it to them, to embrace this gift by becoming a part of the solution and no longer a part of the problem.