The Spiritual Solution for [PTSD] Wounded, Troubled, Tortured Souls & those who suffer from Past Memories

In this post we look at the most important Foundation Stone to be laid, if we truly want to process, heal and release our Past Trauma Memories and PTSD


12/3/2021 4 min read

There are many components to The Spiritual Solution.

They are made up of actions and faith ‘’Faith without Works is Dead’’.

Firstly, and most importantly is the acceptance that there is a God and it isn’t us or our therapist.

Secondly this God cannot be of our own understanding, we can have no control over Him in any way.

in 12 step programs around the world, one is allowed to create their own understanding of God, but sadly, this allows the addict to continue to be in control, which is a big problem in achieving full recovery.

No! For any of us to recover completely we need to, we must surrender completely to a power completely outside of ourselves; that has the capabilities to enable us to experience the miracle of the healing and release from our past; to know peace of mind and freedom from the past.

The Bible gives clear direction on how this goal is possible. In Scripture it talks about those diagnosed with PTSD and how they are treated is all wrong.

In this following verse it tells us that those who suffer and survive a past event, are not the problem, they should not be seen as the problem, nor should they be treated for the problem. The Truth is they are Wounded Warrior Survivors that fought through, to stand here today before us. They are not the problem, how they survived should not be seen as the problem, they should not suffer the pain and hardship that should be the fare of their tormentors.

It is not right to make an innocent person pay a fine; justice is perverted when good people are punished. [Good News Translation proverb 17:26]

Wounded Warrior Survivors that suffer a Troubled or Tortured Soul are innocent of the crime, they were in fact the victims, not the perpetrators.

Justice is perverted when they are made to suffer the past event over and over again as a punishment for surviving such an experience.

The Insanity of the idea that clients who suffered past trauma events should ever go back willingly to face it, knowing they cannot change the past; any of it; that they are completely powerless to do so; that inviting their event into the present is madness; that anyone who suggests this as the way to healing, is part of the problem and not part of the solution. It is complete Insanity.

An innocent person, is innocent and shouldn’t face a life time sentence of suffering their traumatic event over and over again, with some mistaken belief that this is healthy or for their benefit.

Those who promote such solutions are part of the problem, making a living off the pain and suffering of the client.

This is why it is time to take a different path, a path of a Spiritual Solution, that fills a person with self-worth, hope and purpose that The Light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train, but a Host of Angels coming to Cast Out their Demons.

The Faith required is twofold.

Firstly, putting our faith in The Teachings of Christ Yeshua and secondly, accepting that we cannot be in two places at once, and therefore we are in fact carrying a memory of an event that happened to a past aspect of us and in fact didn't happen to us.

This goal, when reached, allows each of us to embrace The Teachings of Christ Yeshua to give this burden back to it’s rightful owner.

It’s like we are laying foundations to a new life.

We surrender completely to The Truth that all our best efforts, at dealing with past trauma memories [ptsd] have failed to cure or heal us. It is time to think outside of the box of human solutions and embrace the concept:

What happened is in the past!

It’s a part of history!

It cannot be altered here in the present!

Yet it still has power!

It eats away at me!

Causes me nightmares and flashbacks!

It’s too much!

I can’t take much more of this!

I accept that I have to look at this from a different perspective and a Spiritual Solution which allows me to give away this burden is literally a GODSEND.

Please feel free to make use of my Victory Principle that will enable you to create a platform for the works necessary by you to achieve the release of your burden to its rightful owner.

Having come from such a place I can take you through the process but if you have someone you trust to work with, feel free to introduce them to this principle and the rest of this solution.

find a pastor or minister who can teach you about the teachings of christ and how to invite him into your life and into your much needed healing event.

i understand that there are folks who suffered at the hands of clergy etc.. and might find this very challenging, at this point i must argue not to let one or three bad apples put you off the goodness and wellness to be found there. Still, if this is an issue and you work with a professional, talk to your trusted person about inviting a Christian therapist to take part in your healing event.

The bottom line has always to be; how much do each of us want to have a normal life, to waken up free of nightmares and flashbacks, to find old triggers no longer unsettle you and that you can finally live one day at a time.

i can tell you that this works, its simple but its not easy. if you are one those folks who have been in therapy for longer than you care to remember, then this will be most challenging for you.

For too long your identity can get lost in the brokenness, the victimhood & martyrdom, suddenly you have to reinvent yourself and cannot use this identity as part of your armor for life; for many this is very challenging, I get that, it took me over 50 years to break free of events that happened to me in my earlier years.

This is The First Foundation Stone and the most important to achieve a life of joy, hope and purpose, self-worth and self-acceptance.

I am still OC and socially anxious.

I allow myself to be as I am today.

Today seeing myself more of a private person.

No longer people pleasing or wearing masks.

No longer trying to fit in.

No longer needing to be liked by all.

Today it’s ok to be who I am today.

In my next post, I will talk about The Second Foundation Stone: Boundaries