That ‘voice in our heads’ that Causes us So Much Trouble…. The Truth Is, It isn't even Ours!

You know that moment when you have this thought to say or do something, only for it to backfire terribly & you then find yourself exasperatedly trying to work out what possessed you to say or do that……The sad truth is that voice in our heads isn’t us!


10/13/2021 3 min read

You know that moment when you have this thought to say or do something, only for it to backfire terribly & you then find yourself exasperatedly trying to work out what possessed you to say or do that……The sad truth is that voice in our heads isn’t us!

Throughout this series of blogs, on my YouTube channel, Tierney Therapy and in my private practice, I suggest we are in fact Spiritual Immortal Beings in there Physical Mortal bodies.

When we Spiritual Immortal Beings speak aloud, that is our voice, we speak and we are heard.

But these Physical Mortal Forms know they only have this one lifetime compared to our immortality and as such; wants to experience life in every moment; knowing eventually their time will be over. The voice doesn’t care if the experience is good or bad, right or wrong, the goal to continuous experiences.

This is the voice of the EGO!

Right now as you read this, there will be a voice in your head and it wont be agreeing with what I write. It will feel threatened by what you read, and you will hear the voice saying things like:

“Who is this guy?”

“What a load of rubbish!”

“Don’t read anymore, turn it off!”

“I’ve got better things to do with my time”

“Now this guy is going just too far”

“Balderdash…I've never heard such dribble”

Just sit quietly and listen to the voice. It wont be able to sit quietly, it can’t it will be compelled to intervene, to stop you from taking control from it.

At this point I want to extend a thank you to an old mentor of mine who introduced me to a book by Michael Singer called The Untethered Soul.

On my journey of healing recovery from my own past demons, I embraced many teachers and holistic practices and fellowships.

Most recently, I was introduced to the fellowship of ACA[ACOA], part of me wishes this introduction had arrived here 30/40 years ago, but know, i wasn’t ready back then and wouldn’t be the man I am today, the husband, dad, brother and therapist that has been my journey.

This voice is commonly referred to in ACA, as the voice of The Critical Parent inside all of us.

Beware, this voice will attempt to fool you, it will take both sides in an argument, it will deny responsibility for the actions it suggested. literally it will drive you mad!

Walking about town and seeing people talking to themselves, i can’t help but smile, in the realization that others have recognized this voice for what it is and can hold a conversation with it.

There of course are others who have arguments and verbal fights with it, and even allow it to have the final say in conflicts and decision making; then blame themselves for the outcome.

Michael Singer, suggests one should imagine having a mannequin on the couch beside them; see this voice as coming from this object; In a flash, at best, you would move as far away from this thing that was coming out with all forms of criticism and bad advice, at worst, you would throw it out the window.

yet, we allow this voice to dictate to us all day long, we don't run away or reject the voice, we give it honor and attention. we continually allow it to undermine us repeatedly, although experience has clearly shown us, we should not even give it the time of the day.

if you truly wish to see the voice in your head in action try mindful meditating. so many of us, unknowingly think we are terrible at meditation, when the truth is we are more than capable. the problem is the voice of the ego see you wasting previous time doing nothing, when it wants to to be doing anything, and it doesn’t care what that something is, as long as it is not inactivity.

We are Spiritual Immortal Beings and the food of the soul is peace of mind; contentment; stillness; self-acceptance; self-worth; forgiveness; gratitude; love; hope and purpose.

The Physical Mortal Being’s food of the ego is confrontation; activity; anxiety; depression; anger; rage; blame; shame; hate; judging; & there are many more.

So please know, we are more than capable of responding rather than reacting; sitting still rather than a cat on a hot tin roof; being a part of the solution rather than being the problem or part of it; having friendships rather than isolation; living life rather than enduring it; living in these 24 hours rather than suffering the past that we are powerless over and causes our lives to be unmanageable.

By now, you are probably aware of that voice literally screaming in your ear, attempting to deflect you from considering this truth.

Embrace this truth and we become a new creation.

We change without even having to change, it just happens, we, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly stop falling into the trap of letting the voice of the ego, the voice in our heads, dictate to us.

There are those who suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis; I do not intend to belittle their conditions or diagnosis, I only hope this offers some form of relief and a different perspective; especially that they are not alone or different; that every human being has this voice in their heads.