Am I willing and open-minded to the possibility that The Suffering of Past Trauma Memories [PTSD], is a Spiritual Problem rather than a Mental one.

I accept that past trauma memories manifest in the present, that's a given, the science of cause & effect in action! Isn’t it time we concentrated on the cause rather than the effect …The Spiritual Dis-ease disturbing the living in the now.


1/23/2022 2 min read

When we look at Past Trauma Memories, commonly referred to as PTSD, the one true fact we cannot get away from is that all events past, are no longer a part of our domain, but the property of our histories.

This further implies there is no power on this earth ,capable to change, alter, fix or recreate a past event. this also affirms we are powerless to control any event that has already happened and to attempt to, whether by personal effort or outside influences such as therapy, medication or some other mood altering substance, behavior or condition is sheer madness.

The attempt to treat Past Trauma Memories becomes a Mental Problem, the treatment of the effect that we are powerless to manipulate.

But, accepting this truth that we cannot change, alter or manipulate any part of our history; even if only a day old; drives us to seek out a Spiritual Solution; The Only Spiritual Solution recorded in The History of Man, to cast out demons is The Teachings of Christ by The Power of The Holy Spirit.

If you are anything like me, you will have experienced how praying didn't work when called upon. the problem was never knowing:

How to pray

The process required in praying

To whom one should pray to

The power to call on

How to address and call on that Power


What my part has to be in this process.

I learned my knowledge was insufficient and this was why prayer always failed me; Needing to set aside all old beliefs and prejudices and enter into this new relationship with both a willingness and open-mindedness I didn’t possess.

This meant putting my pride, blame and resentments aside; thus seeking out Good Orderly Direction

This has to be a personal decision, but once made you need not take this journey alone. My path led me from my Roman Catholic upbringing, to seek out direction from a pastor from The Protestant faith.

When we make the decision, God will direct our path.

This has been my experience.

I didn’t decide to change horses midway through this journey but when I became open and willing to treat my Past Trauma Memories as a Spiritual Illness, certain persons were put in my path; I can’t explain it better than that.

But there was more, a wonderful 12 step fellowship, introducing me to fellow travelers, who were on the same journey and more than happy for us to walk into recovery together.

and still there was more.

THE BIBLE tells us


THE FAITH is the open-minded willingness to trust in The Teachings of Christ Yeshua and the miracle happening on his timeline, not mine.

THE WORKS was my commitment to this process & learning practices that I could use to complete my part.

Whether, up until now, you have been in therapy or using some man made solution, I suggest one considers working with a Christian or Biblical therapist; a pastor or minister; and please feel free to employ my Victory Principle to achieve the goal of freedom from one’s Past Trauma Memories