Who is this guy?…. Why is He doing this…?

In this post, you will learn, we are all empowered to heal ourselves; to cast out out our own demons; to let go of the past; live in the present and the awakening awareness that we are spiritual beings; suffering from a Spiritual Malady; having the tools and Life Force Energy, within each of us to process, heal and release any Past Trauma Memory in a safe and non-intrusive manner.


8/18/2021 3 min read

I am not a licensed or clinical professional; a medical doctor or nurse; a mental health professional, doctor or nurse; a pastor, minister, theologian, priest or missionary; a social worker; life coach or cognitive therapist.

I am a prodigal son; a human being who suffered more than one trauma event leading to a feeling of brokenness expressed through PTS, anxiety, depression, disassociation, addiction, self-harm, self-destructive behaviors, shame, guilt and victimhood.

Having endured most of my life in The Valley of the Shadow of Death, knowing moments of insanity; bouts of craziness; amidst long stretches of sanity, thus realizing this wasn’t mental illness; but an attack on My Soulrobbing me of Hope, Joy and Purpose.

This was a Revelation, which led me to the truth that this burden I was carrying like the weight of the world on my shoulders, at times like my demons pressing down on my chest causing me to panic and unable to breathe; that this was not mine. I was carrying this for a past aspect of me; a person who I once was; who I cared for and didn’t want them to feel totally abandoned. My thinking was by carrying and suffering this for them, this was; in some way way; an Act of Love.

But the truth was this was never my job, to suffer the pains of another. Learning the Powerlessness facing me, trying to fix, save or mend my past versions of me was an Impossible Task and by trying to do this during my daily life; this was causing MLife to Fall Apart and become Unmanageable.

I learned by attempting to heal this impossible task of healing another, I was going to go completely insane and suffer a mental breakdown, long term mental illness.

Identifying with this soul destroying feeling, that this blackness was in the very center of my being ,at my core; I looked at every religion and spiritual practice for my Spiritual Solution to heal the hole in my soul.

Having been reared in a Roman Catholic home ; disillusioned by it all and religion in general; because of my trauma events; i believed there wasn’t a God and if there was, He didn’t care about little old me.

But committed to finding a way out of The Valley of The Shadow of Death; full of contempt prior to investigation; challenging myself to read anything and everything on Spiritual healing, finally found myself drawn to The Bible and The Teachings of Christ Yeshua.

Learning that He could cast out demons and were I to invite Him into the healing event; He would cast out my demons, setting aside all my old beliefs and prejudices and with the little, minute faith that I didn't know I possessed; I experienced My Miracle.

My Demons of pts, nightmares & flashbacks, depression, anxiety, self -destructive behaviors, shame, & guilt left me; leaving me with Peace of Mind & Self Acceptance.

This is an inside job, I reiterate again and again, the only person on this earth who could heal me of my past was me; being willing to give it back to it’s rightful owner; through a Spiritual Solution that was The Teachings of Christ Yeshua.

I always looked for an easier softer way, one where I would remain in control, having terrible trust issues with all authority figures; so, for me, the revelation that by surrendering, by admitting being out of my depth, powerless, burnt -out and no energy left; only wanting freedom from this soul destroying baggage; caused me to turn to this spiritual solution; and to coin a phrase

The rest is history………….No! Literally! When I used The Victory Principle, all this burden, all this baggage, the nightmares and flashbacks, they truly became my history; thus allowing me to focus all my energy on today ,no longer triggered by the past.

I pray this helps anyone who suffers from a Past Trauma Memory and PTS to know, we can heal ,we can get better, be normal again, living normal lives, no longer triggered by the baggage of another.

What would it feel like for you; the next time you see your therapist and find you can do the work outlined to improve your daily life, because you are no longer triggered by the past?

how good would that feel for you?

Would that prize be worthy of you turning back off The Path of The Prodigal Son; Accepting Your Miracle of actually Casting out Your Own Demons, in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

Please take the time to add a yes if this resonates with you.

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