It’s My Party & I’ll Cry if I Want to….

We were all created for a reason, a purpose; when we are anyway broken or damaged; especially by the past; we find our purpose is dictated by how broken we feel. It leads us sadly, down the path of victimhood.


8/17/2021 2 min read

The wonderful Carolyn Myss states :

‘We are all given; each day; 100% of life force energy; which I believe is the holy spirit, housed in our souls; unfortunately we invest a large amount of this in our past, an almost equal amount in our anxiety for the future caused by our ruminating on the past; that means we have little to no energy left for the present.’

Imagine a victim of a past trauma event, powerless to change the past but fixating on it and suffering nightmares and flashbacks and bringing it into the present causing their lives to be unmanageable. That they are expending 60% of this energy on the past event. This automatically has a knock on effect, because now we worry:

will we ever get better, feel better?

Will we ever be normal?

Will we ever be able to work ,

will we ever be able to find love, start a family?

we end up putting maybe 30 % into our future anxieties. this leaves us with a measly 10% of a possible 100% to manage our present moment.

This might mean; only having enough energy to climb out of bed; turn up for work; get home; fall into bed, feeling more depressed and a victim.

we can find ourselves trying to make up for this shortfall in our energy through outside agencies such as

alcohol & drugs


blame and shame



food & sugar

exercise and fitness

tv and social media


We become like leeches, attempting to such the energy out of others. We have all at one time or another experienced or heard of how a party was in full swing and suddenly a person walked into the room and one could feel the energy sucked out of the room.

‘Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry to if it happened to you….’

I keep feeling the need to repeat the truth that:

We cannot be in two places at once

We are here in the present, it was not us who suffered the event in the past

We are carrying a burden belonging to another that robs us of our life force energy

I certainly would not be happy with my future self ,had I suffered a traumatic event in the present; for him to be free of it, only to find him suffering it too; that would be very wrong. I would want him to give it back to me and to go off and live his life not suffer mine.

When we process heal and release a past trauma memory using my formula the victory principle , we achieve this goal ,we are free of the past and living as a broken individual where the only purpose we have is to be the best victim we can be. by casting aside our demons, returning them to their rightful owner, we become free to live our lives today; with a full supply of this 100% holy spirit life force energy, that is our birthright.

We are now alive, in the present to achieve greatness, our purpose with joy and hope. There will still be the daily challenges to face, but we will be facing them full of confidence and acceptance that we are good enough and no longer broken victims

To learn more about this formula ‘the victory principle’ and how i use this in my practice visit my website

please feel free to use this formula in your own practice