Powerlessness and Unmanageability...the real reason why one cannot endure the past, in the present..

We cannot be in two places at once; I cannot heal your pain and you cannot heal my pain, no matter how much we care for one another. We have not got the power to treat another’s wounds in our bodies, and when we attempt to, it causes unmanageability in all areas of our lives. We go through our lives, expressing the symptoms of our history; mentally, physically and emotionally; when the only way to heal any of it , is spiritually.


8/17/2021 2 min read

The past is a part of our history. we are completely powerless over changing any part of it. we are no longer the person who experienced our lives yesterday because we have 24 hours of life, experience, knowledge and all the challenges and successes that happened over the past 24 hours that shows we are not the same person. Now going back to my trauma events, as an infant, a 4 year old and 12 year old child, and al those years between then and now, I accept and understand that I am only alive in this present moment; the ‘Me’ that suffered those moments cannot have been me, but different aspects of me. therefore, the memory i carry that i suffer as mine, isn’t mine, but it belongs to another ; then it can only make sense that the only person who can heal a pain ,is the actual owner.

I am 60 years old, with my own troubles to deal with; this CoV situation, how it effects my children; the well-being of my family; my therapy practice; when might we ever experience the fellowship of normal interaction with family and friends; will the powers that be ever get organized on vaccines; as an ex-pat, it looks like I might not get vaccinated before April of next year.

The truth is, I have enough on my plate than to be also carrying the trials, tribulations and burden of another. It’s time to give back this burden that I am truly powerless over; that causes total unmanageability in all areas of my life; to it’s rightful owner.

We need to help others see the truth of this. Any part of history is not to be dealt with in the present.

We will still need to work with the professionals in our lives, it’s not as if we process, heal and release our past trauma memory back to its rightful owner, and we are cured, living perfect lives. sadly the unmanageability we have been experiencing in our lives with still be there, only now, we will be able to concentrate on what needs to be done without being triggered by a past event that didn’t belong to us in the first place.

Isn't it time we reclaimed our power and took back control of our lives by learning how to manage life on life’s terms. It wont be easy, but it will be a lot easier when we are not being triggered by our demons .

we will have embraced the power to cast out our demons in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

its our God-given birthright.