HOPE, JOY & PURPOSE…the life food of the Heart & Soul……SPIRITUAL FOOD, HEARTFELT, SOUL FOOD…not of this world, not man-made!

In the last two blogs, I have given argument for The Existence of God or the idea that taking up Pascal's Wager, would be an intelligent course of action in the self preservation of our souls. Throughout my series I have held to the belief that Past Trauma Memory and PTS are a Spiritual Malady requiring a Spiritual Solution. In this episode, I argue the case for the need for everyone to be offered Hope, Joy & Purpose as the goal in the treatment of Past Trauma Memory and the symptoms that are PTS.


8/24/2021 2 min read

We are all God’s creations, requiring The Soul Food of Hope, Joy & Purpose, to live abundantly. For those of us, who suffer a Past Trauma Memory, we need to know; it is not our role in life to live as broken victims; that our past doesn’t define us; and there is Joy to be found in our futures; there is Purpose that we can grow out of our past like a phoenix rising from the ashes & most of all, we can live with Hope, for a better way of living, no longer enduring life.

Imagine a child of yours suffers a traumatic event; they don’t let it overcome them; they survive it. They then go for professional help and are told the problem is them and how they coped; that they have a condition called ptsd and they are put on a treatment program of therapy and medication to cope this this condition. But hold on a second, your child is a survivor, your child got through an event that would have floored an elephant. your child used all her basic survival instincts to survive; and now you're telling me, my child is the problem? Seriously!!

Explain this to me as if I were a child myself. How can my child be the perpetrator and the victim? Science tells us about cause and effect! The Cause is the Event, The Effect is The Damage it did to my child!.

Yet, you are suggesting we ‘treat the effect and leave the cause alone’; allowing the cause to be doing press-ups in the shadows so that in the future, it can resurface to terrorize my child over and over again!

Where is The Hope for my child, coming to you for help and you take all Hope from Her, which in turn robs her of Joy for Living ad any chance of having a Purpose in Life other than that of a broken victim.

You say you can’t treat a past event; you can only treat what each client presents with. Well that’s not good enough, how a client presents isn’t the problem, it can be a symptom of the problem, it can become dysfunctional and problematic, but it isn’t the cause!!

Don’t you understand when a client comes to you for help, they are really looking for release from The Past Event, until you tackle it, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution!

Since, you can not treat a past event, isn’t it time you introduced your clients to a Spiritual Solution. The Teachings of Christ Yeshua, clearly promise that anyone willing to embrace Christ as Their Teacher, can claim their miracle. This is what it promises in The Bible, accepting that The Bible is a Book of Truth, which I hold to.

To approach a client and explain to them that they are carrying a burden not theirs, that they are spiritual immortal beings living in these 24 hours, and The Past Event didn’t/couldn’t have happened to them; rather it happened to a past aspect of them and it was theirs and they want it back: OFFERS HOPE!

To introduce them to a Spiritual Solution, whereby they feel this release of this burden Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, in that healing event. Filling the client with Hope for the Future, the Joy to be Present without being triggered by the past and a truer Sense of Purpose to help others follow on their path.

It is our duty to put people back together again; especially those who were survivors of Past Trauma Events. The battle to survive such an event; shows how powerful that individual is. It is up to us, to nurture than flame and help it grow like the proverbial Phoenix rising from The Ashes.