Pascal's Wager…this Reformed Compulsive Gambler; against all odds; knows a sure thing when he sees it….

Pascal's wager is an argument in philosophy presented by the seventeenth-century French philosopher, theologian, mathematician and physicist, Blaise Pascal (1623–1662). It posits that human beings bet with their lives that God either exists or does not.


8/23/2021 2 min read

From what I gather we have two choices; to choose God exists or He doesn’t. The concept is we are betting with our lives. If we get this wrong, we will suffer for all eternity, is reason enough to review our chosen stance about the existence of God.

But, The Good News is choosing that God exists is a win win outcome for all.

Don’t look for proof or reason as to His existence, just make a decision from your heart that He does exist; thus living a life, to the best of your abilities, to walk The Path of Christ Yeshua ; as Salt and Light; in all your affairs.

When our time is up and we find out there was no God; looking back we  see; walking The Path of Christ Yeshua ; benefitted the world; we made a difference; we had purpose; we achieved greatness; people were attracted to our energy; we can rest in peace knowing we left our mark.

On the other hand, assume there is no God. 

This is it! 

Living our lives looking out just for ourselves and only those we care about.

 A life of selfish self-centeredness, greed, more, more, more, conflict, control, betrayal.

On our deathbeds, learning there is a God. Looking back at our lives, regretting such behavior and understanding that now not only do we face The Wrath of God, but our children face the sins of the father also.

I found myself in my late 50’s lost and disillusioned by life. 

 Was this it? 

Was it all about money and success and watching out for myself and mine?

What about The Teachings of Christ or what ordinary men strived to achieve for the well-being of the world:

Christ Yeshua

Nelson Mandela 

Martin Luther King

Jimmy Carter

Mother Therese

Why did these people and many more try to make a difference?

I mean if this is it and there is nothing more, why bother?

Why obey the laws of the land?

Why respect others and care for others?

If this is it, I live my life and then I am no more, why don’t I just take, take take? 

Why aren't we living The Purge everyday of our lives?

The truth for me, is we are spiritual immortal beings in these physical human bodies; a part of something greater; accepting Pascal’s Wager, God The Creator and this life on this earth is so that I can become His Son, by walking as Salt & Light in The Footsteps of Christ Yeshua; activating The Holy Spirit within.

I Like the idea of taking up Pascal’s Wager and no matter the outcome; looking back on my life; seeing I achieved greatness by simply choosing to be a beacon of Joy ,Hope & Purpose.