The Victory Principle

Why we should process heal and release a Past Trauma Memory as a Spiritual Malady rather than a mental illness. Being a part of our History, we are Powerless to do anything about our history and trying to manage a past event in the now; causes most areas of our lives to become Unmanageable. But the Good News is when we treat it with a Spiritual Solution, we are able to separate the person from the actual event, so that The Original Victim processes, heals and releases the event, with the client able to give it away freely in a safe and nonintrusive practice. The client becomes the Victorious Winner .


8/17/2021 2 min read

Over the course of these blogs, I have attempted to sway the readers minds to accept that anything borne out of and belonging to our past, cannot be treated in the present or the future.

As spiritual beings, we can only treat the past memory spiritually. Our physical forms experience the past events Emotionally, Mentally and Physically, but as our bodies change with cells dying and being replaced daily; we are not the same person we were yesterday or last week or months, even years ago. The only part of us that remains constant throughout our lives is our soul; it is here, the very essence of who we are; where our Joy, Hope, Acceptance, Worth and Purpose are sown; and any attack on us, that affects us over time, is felt here.

The Hole in Our Soul

Soul Destroying

Eating Away at My Soul

Eating Away at Me Like a Cancer

I Can Feel It in The Very Center of My Being

It’s Eating Away at Me

Although we have mental, physical and emotional symptoms of this past event and they can and often do become problematic; they are not the problem; being the clients best efforts, based on their basic survival instincts; to stay safe and sane. they couldn't have behaved any differently, this is their humanity at work, doing its best to keep them protected from the memory of the past event.

Let’s go back to the scientific proven statement that its all about

Cause and Effect

the cause is the event and the effect is the response such as PTSD.

I am challenged to accept Post Traumatic Stress as a disorder, because it is not the cause, but the effect.

I have used ‘the broken leg argument’ to voice this stance, where you break your leg, and rather that try to reset it and put it in a cast, you are sent back out with medication for the pain, but the leg break untreated, what is going to happen to your leg?

Treating clients who suffer from a Past Trauma Memory as being mentally ill; diagnosed with disorders; and treated accordingly; allows for the cause to fester in the shadows, causing Gangrene of The Soul

But, when we accept that past trauma memory is an attack on the soul, and we treat is spiritually, we then can offer those who suffer; a miraclea healing event whereby they can Process, Heal and Release their event in a safe and non-intrusive practice, thus clearing away:

The past trauma memory

The wreckage of the past

The nightmares and flashbacks

Healing the basic survival coping skill of PTS ,so it can be used in future if and when it might be needed again

isn’t it time we were open to trying something different.

Don't clients deserve the possibility of being freed of their past?

To regain their independence to live today, solely based on life today?

What if we got it wrong?

What if we threw out the solution when we turned our backs on God and went down the path of man-made solutions?

Shouldn’t we put the welfare of the suffering client first, even if it means giving up control of this field of expertise?