BEWARE OF THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL… it might be a misused and abused train of thought.

It's all too easy to treat people's feelings as mental illness, when in fact they are just uncomfortable and can only be treated spiritually


8/17/2021 3 min read

BEWARE OF THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL… it might be a misused and abused train of thought.

In my last post I spoke about Winners & Losers, and I will expand on this point as best I can. I accept that there is a whole world of mental heath, clients that need the help of licensed and clinical professionals, medication and in some cases hospitalization. This is not the area I am challenging. Past traumatic events cannot be treated in the present or the future. There is no power on this earth that can change a past event. No-one could undo the crimes of Hitler, and I don't have the power to change what I did first thing this morning, I can regret what I did, and promise myself, in future I will behave differently, but as to the past, it is history and bringing it into the present and on into the future , only causes powerlessness and unmanageability in the sufferer and those around them. The mental health industry; by its very name; should be concerned with the thinking and cognitive part of the brain, by definition mental illness. Too many professionals step over an imaginary line ,once defined by the ‘Hippocratic Oath’, when instead of complimenting a patient on how well they managed to survive their event, turn the crime onto the patient by asking them:

‘’how did/does that make you feel?”.

This sends the patient down the rabbit hole with no way back. From how they present, they are then diagnosed with a disorder, and now it appears to them, that once they were the victim but are now the persecutor as well.

How does this make sense?

How does this uphold ,or come close to the Hippocratic Oath?

Imagine, you are in your clients shoes, you come back from a combat and you suffer nightmares and flashbacks, you tell the therapist how the event makes you feel. He then informs you; that the basic survival instincts [your feelings] that kept you as sane and safe as you could manage after what you experienced; that these feelings are now the problem.

That for the rest of your life, you will be treated for experiencing these feelings, with therapy, medication, and possible hospitalization.

There is no mention of the event being processed, healed and released, because truth be told, the mental health industry doesn’t have a solution for that, so they treat what the patient presents with. This causes the patient to become the problem.

The message that he can no longer trust his basic survival instincts, dehumanizes him and he is left to walk through The Valley of The Shadow of Death for The Rest of His Days.

The only winner I can see in this scenario is the mental health industry with a unwittingly committed customer for life. The client doesn’t get his life back today, or any time soon.

But there is a solution! There is a way to heal the past, to cast our demons, to slay dragons, to process, heal and release past trauma memory. embrace the old ways, prior to 1950, Christian and Biblical therapists were the best equipped to deal with such cases. They are the best for treating

‘The Hole in The Soul’,

For offering the promise of Joy, Hope and Purpose . For offering self belief, self worth and self acceptance.

The benefit to the lay professionals is 100x fold, their clients return to them freed of their demons and can concentrate on getting the work done with them. Can you imagine a client who you have had on your books for years; resigned to this relationship never changing; walks into your rooms, a new man, free of the past and committed to getting his life back together and some 12 weeks later, you are closing the file on this success story?

How much better will you feel than how things stand now?

Wouldn’t it be nice to clear those backload of cases that have been mounting in your filing cabinets, the cause of many cases of burnout?

Making the decision to treat all past trauma memories and their corresponding broken coping skills like: Disassociations & Post Traumatic Stress; not as mental illness but rather as a spiritual malady; is a Win! Win! situation for all concerned. Isn’t it time everyone became a Winner!