Cleansing and Recharging our Life Force energy……………

As a returned prodigal son, realizing I neglected my life force energy; that is in fact; the Holy Spirit within my soul, to my own detriment, and this practice enabled me to cleanse & recharge it quite effectively.


8/17/2021 2 min read

We need access to a bath tub. if you don't have a bathtub in your home, check out relations about using their and a bed for this exercise; or check into a hotel/motel or guesthouse for one night. It can be more healing to book in somewhere as a treat and combining this healing event with this splurge can be very uplifting.

If at home, tidy up your bedroom; open a window to leave some fresh air in to blow away the cobwebs; if possible have white sheets, pillow cases, if white isn't available, use light/bright rather than dark colors.

have a hot shower with soap, etc.. & clean your body head to toe.

Step out of the shower, dry off & wear a towel to keep warm

Fill the bathtub with hot water; as high as possible but not so high; that when you get in, it overflows and swamps the bathroom.

Check how hot the water is, just hot enough to be uncomfortable getting in; but not hot enough to scald you in an way.

This time is not for cleaning your body; you have already done that with the shower earlier; this is about submerging your body in water that is hot enough to be uncomfortable for that first 60 seconds but not hot enough to scald you.

Submerge as much of your body as you can in this water, up to your neck,; occasionally flipping your head back gently for the water to cover your hair; gently splashing water onto your face and any exposed parts of your body.

Stay in the bath for as long as it remains hot, at most 6 minutes, but you will need to gauge it yourself, depending on how hot it was getting in.

When you are ready to complete the healing event, use your toes to release the water, remaining as still as possible staying submerged at all times.[maybe before you start, place the stopper chain between your toes as a grip]

on pulling the plug, remain perfectly still.

Feel the water being sucked out of the tub against your body, this will give you the sensation of all your energy good & bad being sucked out of your body at the same time; with this waterflow; stay in this position until the last of the water is literally dragged from the tub against your skin.

Getting up; do so very slowly and carefully; the normal sensation is to have no energy left, so be very careful rising uptake your time. Don't think about it, just stand up slowly, dry yourself off , return to your bedroom, lay down on your bed and fall into a deep peaceful energizing sleep

I pray this works for you as it has for me and countless others, finding it worked best for me to just do it, not to question it . I noticed from my Bible study that anytime I am faced with a challenge, the trick is not to doubt myself of the Holy Spirit, that's just plain ole self-sabotage and I was an expert at that.

Doing this with the writing exercise in yesterdays blog, is a great plan of action.

Please feel free to share this and all or any of my other content with family, friends or those you are charged to care for .

in my next blog , I will be suggesting we combine this exercise and the Timeline, to better understand why the burden one carries of a past trauma event [commonly referred to as PTSD],is not ours to carry and why we need to return it to the owner of the event. It never worked for me for others to tell me I was doing something wrong, I almost always needed to find out for myself and the next blog will empower each individual to see this, Please God.