THERE IS A SOLUTION……and it is actually quite simple.

Finally we come to the spiritual solution. ever since I launched my practice at ,I have been at odds with myself. To be honest, the problem facing me is whether to keep this to myself or give it away freely. It would be great for my ego, were I able to claim this was totally my decision, but the truth is it’s been a battle and it culminated in a perspective client challenging me to share it. This has, thankfully, led me to this point and here today I am going to do my best to share with you this solution ,which out of honor and respect of this person I am now calling my formula, ‘’The Victory Principle’’.


8/17/2021 5 min read

Please bear with me ,as it might sound long winded but there are many parts to this healing event. the V.P is a simple idea, but there are different energies, practices and perspectives, that combine to cause the healing event to happen.

I'm going to repeat a made up story to illustrate what is wrong with how we treat past trauma memory and PTS and the why of it.

We have this good friend, he has just been awarded a scholarship and to celebrate we all go out to let off some long pent-up steam in the great outdoors. Of course, as luck would have it, he has an accident and breaks his leg. He is devastated and we are too. We are feeling everything he is . We also blame ourselves ,regret, anger, frustration. We are in that moment experiencing PTS amongst other conditions.

And what do we do?

We take on all of his pain and hurt. We put our leg in a cast. We take medication for his pain. We take medication for the blame, shame, stress, anxiety and guilt of our friend.

We didn’t suffer the actual event, but because we care so much for this person, we do not want them to feel abandoned, we take on their burden for them.

Our experiencing his pain doesn’t help him heal and yet we do this.

We Cannot Be in Two Places at Once!

The Bible tells us this clearly, our domain is the present and making plans for the future.

The past is now our history ,it is death to us. we are powerless over changing the past, most importantly, we are powerless over healing the pain of another person.

I can have empathy and care for you, but I cannot heal the pain in your body by taking it on myself. This is a form of self sabotage.

As you sit here reading this, I hope you are in a safe place, being here reading this means you are not the same person who went to bed last night, who maybe watched too much tv, or did something you now regret. you can plan in future to chance that behavior, but you cannot go back and change the actual events of how you went to bed last night.

I hope you are still with me and my words make sense to you. In this same way the person you are today, is totally different from the version of you a week ago, a month ago, a year or multiple years ago.

I believe we are spiritual immortal beings in these physical mortal bodies and we live immortal lives for 24 hours at a time:

Yesterday is History , Tomorrow is a Mystery, All We Have is Now, The Present.

We only exist today, in this moment. The past memory we carry was never ours to carry, it has no right to be in our present, being death, it eats at our soul, robbing us of Hope, Joy, Purpose, Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth. We cannot heal the pain of another and this pain we carry didn’t happen to us today; in this moment; so we must be carrying the pain of a younger version of ourselves who suffered this event.

Now put yourself in their shoes, would you be happy knowing you suffered this horrible event ,but you came through it so that future versions of you would be free of it, to have the adventure you always dreamed about, only to see them suffer it too?

Would you be happy with this, that your future self felt compelled to undo all your good work by suffering it too?

Was this your plan?

If you could speak to your future self what would you say?

‘’Hey, Richie, what are you doing, I suffered this event, but I got through it, so you’d be free to live your life joyously with hope and purpose. I never wanted you to suffer this, nor were you asked to suffer this for me. I get it!! Thank you for your love and concern, and your anger that I wasn’t protected, but look at me, I am here surrounded by a host of angels, I am strong, I want you to give me back my baggage, all of it please, this is mine alone to carry! Thank you for trying to help, but I know that you now know, you aren't actually helping rather you are beating yourself up with a guilt that was never yours”

That is really how the formula works, you create a two way conversation for the client between the client and the past aspect, painting a picture of wellness and healing.

But there is more to it. this is where for a lot of people it can be challenging, but the trick is to remember the goal

“Complete Freedom from The Past Trauma Memory and the PTS”

and this compels clients who really want to achieve this to set aside their old prejudices and belief around God, Our creator.

The Bible tells us of only One Being, who had power over death ,not only could he heal the sick, the lame ,the blind; but for us and our clients:

‘He Cast Out Demons!’

Speaking to clients, what they carry; this burden; the PTS; the nightmares and flashbacks; these are their demons they carry, through The Valley of The Shadow of Death.

The Bible gives clear instruction on how we can claim our miracles and cast out our demons. I don't want to spoon feed you all today, its a case of self discovery, its all there, simple instruction; written in both the Old and New Testaments; how we can claim the miracle for ourselves and for others.

Being a member of several 12 step programs, I based the first three steps of my program on the first three found in the steps. I would suggest you get your hands on an AA Big Book, read it. Then look at the Big Book of the ACOA [ACA] program.

The second and third steps on my program differ to the original in that I use The Teachings of Christ, on how to perform the miracle of casting out demons, so for this to work ,we commit to a 2nd step of The Higher Power of Prayer, for this outcome and the 3rd step is committing to Christ as our Teacher ,that we might receive this direction to claim this much needed miracle of casting out our demons and slaying our dragons.

But there is more, faith without works is dead!!

We have to do our part, our energy and commitment must be in alignment with His Teachings, we need to be on the same page: Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness, Faith and Purpose.

Whatever you practice, whether you are a licensed professional ,another holistic practitioner like myself, a life coach, cognitive or NLP therapist, a pastor or social worker, or just a concerned person, its bringing all of this together, that will enable you to cast out the demons.

Once a client can come to realize they are immortal beings alive only today, in this moment and the past was never theirs, but belonged to past aspects of them, helping your clients reach this truth and you are well on your way to creating a miraculous healing event.

The Good News tells us

‘Whenever Two or More are Gathered in My Name, I Am There’

To achieve this healing event we need Him there, so please set aside, all old beliefs and prejudices about God and religion and simply embrace Christ into you hearts. minds and souls

Yes, I promise you , there is a solution ,it is spiritual and it is this simple..