Keep It Simple Stupid.. The Victory Principle……….It’s Not Rocket Science!

If I am here today, and only today; then the past didn't happen to me but to a past aspect of me. Therefore, I have been experiencing Sympathy Pains of a Past Trauma Memory and PTSD for someone else; I am powerless to heal it for them; it interferes in my life today, making it unmanageable. This truth means, its time to give it back willingly to its rightful owner!


8/17/2021 2 min read

The Victory Principle is not rocket science, anyone can use it. The Healing Event is 55 minutes long and involves the client giving back their Past Trauma Memory to its rightful owner in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

This practice is conducted during Covid online .

The cost of this healing event is 90 euro and the client receives a full follow up session as well.

This is not a continuous care program.

Clients need as little as one and no more than 5 session to clear away a past trauma memory.

Clients can choose to return for more sessions but it is not necessary, the goal of the Victory Principle is to free the client from their past trauma memory and the subsequent nightmares and flashbacks, enabling each client to work with their therapists to get control of their lives without the past intruding and sabotaging their lives anymore.

I can tell you this principle works, but the truth is really how bad do you want it.

There are a number of questions we need to review to better gauge if this is for us:

Is what I am doing up until now freeing me of my Past Trauma Memory and PTSD?

Am I sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of life?

Am I sick and tired of forever feeling broken?

Am I ready to try something different something old, something new?

Have I had enough of therapy and medication, hospitalizations and institutions?

I know I'm not the problem, wouldn’t it be nice for once to target the cause, the Past Trauma Memory, and not the effect, me and my PTSD.

Am I willing to set aside all old beliefs and prejudices about God; and be open to claiming my own Miracle and Casting Out MOwn Demons; once and for all.

This is a simple healing event but its not easy, depending on how long one has been in the system or how much this condition has become a part of their identity, the idea of giving all this up and that life, is frightening. I know this.

To have lived one’s life in a certain way and their whole identity has become wrapped up in it and suddenly, tell that person; we can change all that in one moment; that is a challenging concept. Not for the faint hearted, I say that because I know that those of us who have suffered trauma and are still alive today, doing their best to live, are Warriors! The strength such persons show; just by showing up day after day; hoping that tomorrow will be different; I want to tell them; that Tomorrow is Here.