Anxiety is a Healthy Feeling too, also a part of our Basic Survival Instincts…

We have a wide range of feelings to tap into and all; whether good or bad; have a purpose. When we feel anxious, our bodies are telling us there is some danger in our environment, that will have repercussions on our future. This is a good thing, feeling anxious might be uncomfortable, but it is a healthy coping skill responding to whichever of our Basic Survival Instincts are being triggered. The solution to our anxiety attack is to look at what is causing us to feel anxious, whether real or or, embarrassing, or shameful, we need to face it and deal with it..


8/17/2021 1 min read

Anxiety is a healthy feeling that we will need again and again through our lives and its imperative that we embrace it as a valuable coping skill and deal with the cause. We owe it to ourselves to treat the cause and not the feeling.






What is causing me to feel anxious, if anxiety is a healthy coping skill and I am feeling anxious, then this must be a good thing.

if this is the case, and I accept that this is a very viable reality, then I want to fix the cause rather than think my Basic Survival Instincts, are the problem.

Which of my basic survival instincts are being triggered that is causing me to feel so anxious?

Do I feel as though I am being attacked in some way?

Do I feel unsafe in this relationship?

Do I feel unsafe in this work environment?

Do I feel unsafe around certain people, places or things?

Do I regret investing in bitcoin and am anxious about my saving?

Has something happened to change my environment?

Has my personal boundaries been betrayed or violated?

Has my trust been broken?

Am I afraid that I am not good enough?

Am I afraid that I am going to be rejected or abandoned?

What can I do about what is causing me this anxiety?

For me, personally, medicating how I feel, wont fix anything.



walk away

stop my involvement


ask for help

report the situation to a supervisor

talk to someone

be heard

speak the truth

take responsibility for me, for my actions


There are many actions I can take; depending on the situation; but if I don’t take action, for any reason; real or imaginary, then this healthy feeling of anxiety will become the focus and I will suffer on as a victim.

Today, I choose not the be a victim, I choose to accept that it is normal and perfectly ok to be anxious and I resolve to face up to what ever is causing me to be anxious and say;

No! I will not be controlled or manipulated!