Blog pThere is a passage in the Bible ,I'm going to paraphrase it ,you can google it or better still get your hands on a Bible and check the correct wording but it goes something like this'‘If you harm one hair on the head of a child of God, better for you to tie a milestone around your neck; climb the highest mountain; cast yourself into the deepest sea; than face The Wrath of God, on judgement day.'


8/17/2021 5 min read


There is a passage in the Bible ,I'm going to paraphrase it ,you can google it or better still get your hands on a Bible and check the correct wording but it goes something like this:

‘If you harm one hair on the head of a child of God, better for you to tie a milestone around your neck; climb the highest mountain; cast yourself into the deepest sea; than face The Wrath of God, on judgement day.’

Then check the Old Testament for examples of how The Wrath of God might be expressed.

Moses, a most faithful servant of god, his spokesman at that time, was told by god to touch the rock with his staff and water would flow for the tribe and without thinking he struck the rock for the same results; this caused god to condemn Moses to never seeing The Promise Land.

on the exodus from Egypt, it would have only taken a couple of days to reach the promise land, but because his chosen people kept doubting him an losing faith in him, the journey took 40 years and all the adults that came out of Egypt were condemned like Moses not to enter the promise land.

on this long journey, God arranged that they would win battles and overthrow those who stood against them but in one instance he told them when they overthrow this particular kingdom, do not take any plunder.

The two princes of the chief of one tribe were tempted, and they took plunder and hid it in their tents.

god confronted Moses telling him his commands were broken and he was going to smite the chosen people. Moses argued ,what would other nations think of his power if he were to have taken his people out of slavery and now to smite them.

God conceded on this point and stated

‘find the culprits, only they would be punished’.

Now reading this I imagined God meant the two princes who took the plunder for themselves; shock and horror when we learn that he thus charged that whole tribe with the crime of those two brother princes; separated that tribe from the rest of the chosen people; and caused the earth to open up an swallow the whole tribe, people, lock, stock and barrel.

[ I don't want to do all the work for you ,but check out how many innocent, unaware, persons were in that tribe]

In The New Testament, when Judas took his thirty pieces of silver to harm a hair of the head of The Son of Man, he suffered a horrible death.

When we do the math, it would be better to be ‘tarred and feathered’ in the present ‘than face The Wrath of God, for harming even one hair on the head of any one child of God.’

Its a frightening sobering thought.

Now, I am not a licensed clinical professional of the misused and abused mental health industry, but I want to present you with an imaginary situation and two possible responding scenarios.

A client comes to a therapy session suffering from nightmares and flashbacks, over an event they experienced in the past. They also present with other conditions caused as a reaction to the event, in their attempt to maintain some form of sanity. in the violation of their soul.

Scenario one:

Well done you!! You suffered a horrible event and you got through it to get here to tell your story. It shows how strong you are mentally and emotionally, that you staved off an event that would have floored an elephant. Take a bow! Congratulate yourself on how powerful you are! Now I know you feel broken and with feeling like you cant go on, but I don't want to damage your strength, destroy your fighting spirit by medicating you as the problem . No we are going to treat this as a Spiritual Illness; since it is in your past and cannot be treated in the present; we are going to surround you with the necessary people to empower you; its not going to be easiest not going to be nice; but you are going to come through this. Know you are not mentally ill, how you responded is not the problem, you were a victim, but we are going to help you change to become a victor.

Scenario two:

We fear for your sanity and well-being. You are presenting with PTSD, Depression, the need to Disassociate, we are worried about your Anger and the possibility of you Harming Yourself or Others. We are going to put you on a range of medications to manage these feelings, we suggest hospitalization until we can get the levels of medication worked out, and we then suggest working with our therapy team to learn how to cope with these feelings. This is going to he a long journey but over time with the right medication you should be able to have some form of a life in the future.

Looking at these two altogether different scenarios of the same situation:

Which in your opinion, offers hope and healing to the client, and which doesn’t?

Which empowers the client to stronger self belief and the ability to be part of the healing process and which doesn’t

Which of these scenarios might be construed to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Which of these scenarios promotes the viewpoint that the client is the victim

Which of these scenarios offer the viewpoint of the client and their responses being the problem?

Which of these scenarios, is for both parties to be winners

Which of these scenarios suggest one winner and one loser?

Were your son or daughter to seek professional health, which scenario would you hope they would experience?

Which of these scenarios are likely to suffer The Wrath of God?

A third scenario:

I am sorry, I have to hold up my hands and admit we got it wrong. we were truly worried about your sanity and emotional wellbeing and felt the best course was to help you manage your feelings, but now seeing still in therapy [after weeks, months, years] we must admit we got it wrong.

‘Insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again expecting different results, and clearly this isn’t working.’

It has been suggested that all past trauma events cannot be treated in the present because they are a part of your history, that the belief is the only true way to heal this is spiritually. We would like to rectify this situation and your recover by hoping you would allow us to arrange this new therapy . There are a number of options, we an learn how to use this formula called

‘The Victory Principle’

and take you through the healing event; if you want to work with someone else; I would suggest we invite a Christian or Biblical psychologist to conduct the healing event; these are also licensed clinical professionals. Your third option is to work with the creator of this formula and if you choose this path; as he is not a licensed clinical professional; we would like to sit in on this event and see it through to the end.

It was never our intention to hurt or harm you and we fervently want you to recover fully, we will respect your decision.

It was suggested by a colleague of mine to take a course of ptsd and the underlying message was almost all the practitioners had huge workloads and many were close to burnout in relation to the supply and demand for therapy and solutions. I fear that there are cases; because of the huge caseload of therapists and the never-ending line of more patients suffering with mood disturbances, it is an unconscious decision to diagnose those with a mental illness to keep up with treating and helping as many as possible.

As mentioned before, I accept there are real cases of people who suffer from mental illness, but think there has been a misuse and abuse of the industry by persons; who take the easier softer option; of diagnosing such people as mentally ill, when the correct action would be too time consuming.

It is these people who for them, it would be better to be Tarred & Feathered; than face The Wrath of God; that would be Visited on Their Whole Tribe.