His-story, Her-story, Their-story…. They are No Longer My Story, But They are My History….

I am only alive in the present; having no control over my future or how it will present itself or even whether I'll be there. The same goes for my past lives; I am present today, so all the past aspects of me were just that, past aspects and what happened in the past happened to them, becoming their stories; making them my history.


8/17/2021 1 min read

My history is a recollection of memories of events; challenges; successes & failures; joys & hope; losses &wins; and many other facets. But they are still only memories and as mentioned again and again in previous posts; memories of events that happened to other people. It doesn’t change the fact that they are not our burden to carry, simply because they are younger versions on us, either we experienced the event or we didn’t.

I am only in existence in the present moment.

I cant be ‘I was’ and I cant be ‘I will be’. It’s just not humanly possible!

we cannot be in two places at once.

His-story is about what happened to him, in my past, my history,

My story is about what is happening to me in my present

The Bible tells me quite clearly, my domain is in the present ‘I AM’ and this can involve making plans for the future. but the past is death to me, and the only power recorded in man’s history who had power over death being Christ Yeshua, tells me when we are looking at Past Trauma Memory and PTS, we must look at a spiritual solution where we give back our burden to the rightful owner.

This is probably one of my shortest blog postings yet. By now, I hope you are close to ,if not actually on the same page as me with regard to the concept that past trauma memory was never our burden to carry into the present causing our lives to become unmanageable because we haven’t got the ability ort power to heal another's pain.

Being a part of our past, it can no longer be diagnosed as a mental illness, but now a spiritual malady that can be processed healed and released in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

It’s time for each of us to claim our promised miracle.