A 5 Step Program for continuous Recovery from Past Trauma Memory & PTSD

In this blog, you will be introduced to a 5 step program; teaching how to remain free of The Past, The Triggers &The nightmares & Flashbacks; which will become an ongoing daily practice. The format of these steps are taken from the concept of The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The big difference being The Victory Principle focuses on The Teachings of Christ Yeshua, to claim one's miracle healing event; therefore it is necessary for one to turn back from The Path of The Prodigal Son; embracing all of His Teachings to cement this miracle into their new reality.


8/19/2021 1 min read


We understand that the burden we carry doesn’t belong to us; but belongs to a past aspect of us. Accepting this as our truth ,we realize we are powerless to suffer another's pain and subsequently their healing and attempting to do so, causes many areas of our lives to be unmanageable.


We came to believe and accept that we had to return this baggage, to it’s rightful owner, using a spiritual solution, accepting help from others to show us how to achieve this; to do so with a willingness and open-mindedness; setting aside all old beliefs and prejudices.


Making the decision to embrace The Teachings of Christ Yeshua; to claim The Miracle of Casting Out Demons as the way forward; accepting the best efforts of man, have been found wanting. This does not mean joining a religion or attending a church[that is a personal choice to make] rather this step compels you to commence a personal intimate relationship with Him.


Combining the first three steps with The Victory Principle; committing to putting all your energy into the holistic healing event under the guidance of the person you select to take you through the process; remaining open-minded and willing at all times to claiming your miracle.


Acknowledging that through this healing event, you now accept you were always suffering a spiritual malady from carrying a burden belonging to another. It will take commitment; probably the same, if not more time to unlearn the broken coping skills and dysfunctional thinking and behavior that you grew to depend on.

accepting that this healing event happened through Christ Yeshua and to maintain this new sanity and freedom from the past, staying close to him through Bible study and interactions would other Christ followers.

This means embracing a life of recovery.

Accepting we can’t walk this past alone and being open to asking for & accepting help from others.

Not to keeping secrets.

Not to entertain guilt or shame at any time.

Not suppressing feelings.

To be open to becoming a fellow traveler of the wonderful fellowship of ACOA.