Feelings, nothin’ more than feelings, Tryin’ to forget my, Feelings of my Trauma Memory…….

We all experience feelings; they are a healthy by-product of our basic survival instincts; it’s what separates us from the animal kingdom, its a clear sign that we are spiritual beings. We are soul creatures, we should be living life from the point of the Holy Spirit, but when this is suggested to most of us; its like a red rag to a bull and we shy away from it, as if from a hot flame. We become blinkered in our role of victimhood. We endure life through our feelings, even though they are fleeting; ten a penny; we put all our stock in how we are feeling, what we are feeling, and make the mistake of believing our feelings are our truth.


8/17/2021 4 min read

I need to repeat these three truths to explain, we cannot treat or even own the right to treat a past trauma memory in the present.

The truth is, We cannot be in two places at once!

The truth is, We cannot feel and heal the pain of another!

Imagine, right now we are experiencing a horrible traumatic event. We perceive and suffer the event and we come through it. We do this so that future aspects of us wont have to suffer it, that they will have a wonderful adventurous life for us. We suffer this event for this payoff.

Now, imagine you, looking at your future-self; instead of enjoying their lives; that you paid for by experiencing your traumatic event; you find they are enduring it too.

We didn't ask this of them!

We know our intention was for them to be free of it!

We suffered and endured it so they would be far away from it!

What the hell is going on!

Who has triggered our future aspect into sufferings what is not theirs!

Who is responsible for this betrayal!

The truth is, We suffered, endured and pulled ourselves through this traumatic event, so that every future aspect of us would live free of it.

We suffer a spiritual malady of an event that happened in our history to a past aspect of ourselves. Science confirms for us that this memory is a spiritual malady because;

I am a 60 year old adult ,alive today.

I cannot be a 12 year old child 48 years ago

My body is not the same

My thoughts and feelings are no longer the same

Before my event, I was more innocent that at any point after.

I know my body changes, atoms die and are renewed throughout my lifetime

I will never be 12 years old again; seeing life through the eyes of a 12 year old again; experiencing all of their life the ups and the downs, the trials and the tribulations; none of it.

the only part of me, that was there in the womb, in the beginning of my life, at ages 4 & 12; through my teens and adult life; and is present right now, as I write this is my spiritual selfmy soul.

What I experience in my mental physical and emotional selfmy ego, are symptoms of the soul sufferingthe hole in my soul.

Right now we are treating the symptoms; our feelings.

Here is the insanity of it all!

Here is why, treating past trauma memory as a mental illness, should be called mental illness.

we are treating the effect and not the cause! madness!

‘The Lunatics are Running The Asylum’

It is time to process, heal and release all past trauma memory spiritually.

There is a spiritual solution:

We know from The Bible, that there is One, a Being who worked miracles, not only did He heal the sick and lame, raise the dead, but for those of us; suffering a past trauma burden that isn’t ours to carry; He cast our demons. Furthermore, in His teachings; we are told; embrace Me as your Teacher, do what I did, say what I said; do this with faith even as little as a mustard seed, and you will do what I did and even more.

But there is more, faith without works is dead; we have to do our part; we must surrender to the above truths; to the fact that we are powerless over our history; that bringing it into the present causes our lives to become unmanageable; and we commit to Letting Go, Letting God.

We need to bring the teachings of Christ Yeshua into our therapy.

‘whenever two or more are gathered in My Name, I’ll be there.’

this is about the sufferer, who is carrying this burden, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired from carrying a burden that is not theirs. this is about a new form of healthcare; the healthcare of the soul. We need to bring into the healing event those who embrace Christ and are not Anti-Christs.

Speak with your therapist, explain that you want to be healed of this past trauma memory once and for all and will they work with you through a spiritual solution. ask them to invite a Biblical or Christian psychotherapist, into the process. Feel free to use my formula The Victory Principle, with my pleasure.

the bottom line is

Are we willing to go to any lengths, setting aside all old beliefs and prejudices; Willing to accept this burden is not ours; willing to accept the rightful owner who is more equipped to deal with their shit, want it back, willing to accept that the mental illness approach hasn’t worked; that the spiritual solution appears to be a more viable option; and if for no other reason, what have I got to lose.

The promise of Christ is a Miracle; one moment you are suffering a past trauma memory and in the next; you cast out your demons. this event can take as little as 50 minutes.

Christ could do it in a moment, unfortunately all i can offer is me, and my interpretation of His teachings with my works to lead you through the healing event. Its more than likely; were you to work with a Christian or Biblical psychotherapist or a pastor or minister; then with their levels of faith and belief; which would be way stronger than mine; they would probably manage to teach you your miracle in way less time.

At the end of the day, its not how good the teacher is, but how committed the student is.

“You Can Lead a Horse to Water but You Can’t Make Him Drink it’’, springs to mind.

If there is going to be a winner it should be the student.

Remember your feelings are fleeting, they are not the problem, they are the symptoms, the problem is the cause, and the cause was never yours to carry or suffer.

Its time to give it back to its rightful owner.