The Bible is either a Book of Truths or a Book of Lies……….it can't be both!

Wouldn't it be a good idea to find out whether it is Truth or Lies; we are talking about Eternity; not just for ourselves, but also for those we care about; especially our children and future descendants.


8/20/2021 3 min read

Most, if not all of us, especially those of us who have experienced a Past Trauma EventSuffer a Soul Destroying Loss of Hope, Joy and Purpose. Carrying the baggage of a past aspect of ourselves; the Unmanageability and Powerlessness of dealing with this burden, causes us to live with self doubt and questioning the why of it all?

We learn the best efforts of finding a worldly solution haven’t amounted to much; enduring this existence as brokenness and the belief that God doesn’t care; that He let us experience our Past Trauma Event , we are stuck between a rock and a hard places.

Being Strong Survivors; committed to finding a solution through therapy, medication, hospitalization and institutionalization; its time to be as openminded and willing to embrace the concept of a Spiritual Solution.

My preaching about The Teachings of Christ Yeshua and how The Bible gives clear direction and instruction how you can claim your miracle and cast out your demons; can sound to the closed-minded broken one; as wild claims to be rejected. I get that, it was only two years ago; walking The Path of The Prodigal Son, myself, I was deriding this kind of talk myself as poppycock.

But, then I experienced my greatest spiritual awakening; meeting an elderly Greek Scholar, a Learned Pastor; who was willing to help me find my way to heal my long suffering soul; I learned that The Bible was and still is a book of Truth.

That there was a formula to claim one’s own miracle, which for me was to cast out my demons: my past trauma memories, my unknown PTS, the crippling anxiety, depression & disassociation; that caused my life at times to be too horrible to endure.

This kind man knew I needed to find my way back and so he suggested to get my hands on a Bible and most importantly a Halley’s Bible Handbook. I didn’t know that there had been studies conducted to discredit The Bible, and this handbook showed where Archeologist and Historians learned about kingdoms and peoples that the history books hadn’t recorded; but The Bible had and when the directions were followed they found the graveyards of these peoples & kingdoms and their demise to be the truth.

Check out The Fall of Jericho, where The British School of Archeology mounted an expedition to this location, based on the guidance of The Bible and found it to be true as described therein.

I share this with you all, in case like me, you were contempt prior to investigation; don’t you deserve to know the truth?

That you can claim your miracle and like me, cast out your demons. Now, I can’t heal the lame or the blind, nor raise the dead, but accepting The Bible as a book of trutharmed with that little faith I garnished through this learning; achieved my goal of casting out my demons and when working with others, teach them how to claim that same miracle.

The Past Trauma Memory

The Nightmares and flashbacks

the PTS

Surely, it is worth the effort; to be freed of all of these demons; to be able to live in the present no longer triggered by the past?

What do we have to lose; already most if not all of us; have tried every man-made solution including drugs, alcohol, dysfunctional and self harming behaviors, running away, isolating?

Wouldn’t it be a welcome relief, to let of all these different broken learned behaviors and to no longer endure life, but to live it fully?

what do we have to lose; I'm not suggesting you need join a religion or attend a church; that might come later & then again it might not; all that is required is to enter into a personal relationship with Jehovah Raphathe healer], through His Son, Christ Yeshua [the miracle worker] activating The Holy Spirit [to heal our souls, minds and hearts from the inside out].

You are in my prayers to reach the point where you give God a chance. the miracles, the rewards, the benefits the abundance awaiting you is beyond compare.

Don’t take my word for it, read The Bible and compare it to this handbook and find out for yourself whether it is a Book of Truth or Lies.

This is a personal awakening journey with the ultimate goal of freedom from the past and peace of mind, its time to let go of all old beliefs and prejudicesbecoming willing and openminded to the truthcasting out contempt prior to investigation.

Thank you for joining me on this journey,

There is a solution to Past Trauma Memory and PTS & it is a Spiritual One; may you find Him now.