Treat the Cause/the Problem/the Perpetrator………..not the Effect/the Client/the Victim!!

Do a search of Google for ’Cause & Effect’ and one will see that it is a scientific truth that for every reaction there is an action. So, why do we allow the persons who mis-use and abuse the mental health industry, diagnose The Effect, The Client, The Victim as the problem?


8/17/2021 2 min read

Could it be at all possible; that those persons are unable to Process, Heal and Release past trauma events for the clientL rather than admit this and direct such clients to a Spiritual Solution; they decide to diagnose the client and their coping basic survival coping skills as the problem. This guarantees continuity of therapy; as the actual cause of the trauma event, is never treated, staying in the shadows, doing push ups waiting for those moments; when the client is triggered; to raise its ugly head and we are back to square one again and again.

The only winners in this therapy scenario are the original perpetrator, and those who mis-use and abuse the mental health industry with this behavior.

The loser is of course the client.

They never get their demons cast out

They never get the past trauma memory processed and released

They never get a normal life returned to them

They have to live with the false diagnose that they are the problem, not their abuser, that how they reacted, even though it kept them safe and sane, in reality, that is the problem.

Not only was the client a victim of a past trauma event they now experience a trauma event of their therapy diagnosing them as the problem.

My argument is that we are immortal energy beings in these mortal physical bodies. the mental health industry can only treat what a client presents with in this moment. the past cannot be treated, its history and the future hasn’t happened yet. They can help clients make plans for the future and how to put action plans into the present day or week, but they don't have the skill set to treat any of ours history.

This is who clients who present with past trauma memory are diagnosed with a wide variety of disorders. this is for the mental health industry , and its dominions to be able to offer some form of solution, but , in their effects to do so, they become part of the problem.

It’s time to treat all past trauma memory as a spiritual malady with a spiritual solution. this means when the client has processed ,healed and released their history in a non-intrusive and safe manner they can return to their therapist and achieve the goals set out by these professionals for their present lives and future goals and dreams.

They become whole new creations, freed from the demons of the past, that were never theirs, in the first place.

They get to retain their Basic Survival Instincts like anxiety ,depression, crying and anger as the healthy coping skills they are for future use.