Post Traumatic Stress is a Feeling.. a symptom of our Basic Survival Instincts..

Cause and Effect!! I cannot repeat this enough!! Something happens in a person’s life, they find themselves in or coming from a dysfunctional environment, their subconscious mind kicks into overdrive to keep them as safe and sane as possible; activating their Basic Survival Instincts, which manifests most commonly as Post Traumatic Stress. Post Traumatic Stress is the effect of the cause


8/17/2021 3 min read

The cause is the environment where the traumatic event took place.

So, why is the mental health industry treating the effect and not the cause?

Is it that it’s out of it’s depth, it doesn’t have a viable solution?

Could it be that there are those who misuse and abuse the mental health industry by misdiagnosing the effect as the problem and not the cause, for their own ends?

Could it be that it is more beneficial to make a person dependent on the mental health industry, than to put the individual’s well-being first?

Is it loathe to accept that there is a solution, but that that solution is spiritual, and this goes against everything they hold to be true, so they would rather reject it out of hand, that embrace it, even if it means putting the welfare of the individual first over their own.

We suffer an event in an environment and from it we are assailed by our demons, most commonly nightmares and flashbacks, of that environment and what we suffered.

We look for help and rather than being shown a way to take us out of that environment or that environment removed from us, we are told that our best efforts are the problem.

How demoralizing would this be; the cause of the nightmares and flashbacks are ignored; but you and how you coped; are diagnosed as being the problem?

The Post Traumatic Stress is the manifestation of the cause, leading to our basic survival instincts kick in:





To be honest, all four could be showing up in the Post Traumatic Stress Response,

The Acceptance could be one of resignation that this is now my life, accepting that you are the problem you have a disorder, you are different, etc..

The Freeze could be no longer trying to better myself ,sink into a deep dark hole, stop living, start enduring, etc..

The Flight can be attributed to running away from life, family, friends , chucking in jobs, geographical changes.

The Fight can present as confrontation, blame, anger ,rage, alcohol, drugs, medication, grief, etc..

You will know your truth. You will know which of your Basic Survival Instincts are manifesting your Post Traumatic Stress Response. From this you will better understand that you are not the problem, you don't have a disorderthe problem is that environment you came from.

Because the problem is in the past, in your history you will better understand that it can only be treated spiritually.

Remember, as you read this, you are alive today only; whatever you did yesterday or last week or what you suffered in the past is not you today. the sad truth is we are suffering a memory of an event that happened to another, a person we care deeply for.

If you break your leg, me putting my leg in a cast; taking pain killers; going for therapy for it; isn’t going to heal your leg; also having a negative impact on my life.

I can’t heal your pain anymore than you can heal mine for me.

I cannot be in two places at once

I can suffer your trauma memory, but I cannot heal it for you.

I have to learn how to give your burden back to you, so it is no longer active in my life, I will start carry it as part of my history. but won’t be enduring it anymore.

The Clincher:

What I am suffering today is mine alone; it is not being shared with any future aspects of me to suffer it too. That is not part of the plan. I never asked for anyone else to suffer my burden or to try to fix my burden. I want my future self to give me back my baggage and to live their lives free of it, as an adventure.

IF there is a need to keep this process in the hands of the mental health industry then please refer all Past Trauma Memory cases and those diagnosed with PTSD to Christian or Biblical psychotherapists.

We must be open to treating this condition as a Spiritual Malady and no longer as mental illness.

That there is a Spiritual Solution; recorded and handed down over the centuries. The ability for each individual to be able to cast out their demons once and for all; through The Teachings of Christ Yeshua.

Post Traumatic Stress is a healthy, life saving, coping skill; a major element of the Basic Survival Instincts; when we acknowledge it isn’t the problem rather it was a part of the solution; and start treating the cause as the problem; the client can put their Post Traumatic Stress coping skill back in their Armory for future use.