Religion and God are not the same thing…. and I have to Stop Playing God…

I know we all have different opinions and experiences of God in our childhoods especially. Some of us never learned about God; others were introduced to A Loving Nurturing God; but sadly too many of us were introduced to A Hellfire and Brimstone God; where we suffered at the hands of parents and guardians who misused and abused; The Power of God; to control or undermine us..


8/17/2021 2 min read

After being raised in a Roman Catholic home, attending a Roman Catholic school; being taught that anything not in line with my parents thinking and that of the church was a sin; whilst being taught that after being baptized as an infant, my place in heaven was assured?

None of this made sense to me!

It just didn’t add up!

If being baptized at birth assured one of their Place in Heaven; then we are free to live as one wanted to, not obliged to live by the law of the land, neither follow the 10 Commandments or The Sermon On The Mount.

I just couldn’t get my head around this!

Either the directions in the Bible from God were wrong, or they were being altered, changed by the middle man, the messenger. The middle man needn’t be a priest it might have been a parent or guardian or a teacher or even an older sibling.

I learned that religion and God are not the same enmity.

One is man-made open to suffering all the trials and tribulations of men in power


the other is God , the Creator.

Disillusioned with organized religion, it was suggested I cut out the middleman, actually read the Bible, study the Bible and get expert knowledge of the Bible from a reputable source. Coming from a Roman Catholic background, I spoke to a local priest in my area but it was ‘very much the same ole’, and so I stepped out of my comfort zone and met with and asked an a local Pastor to be my guide.

One year later and now no longer a Roman Catholic; I am not a member of any church or religion; rather my church, my religion is the Bible and today am a Christ Yeshua Follower and Witness.

Having suffered my own trauma events in the past, leading me to a life of self-harm, dysfunctional behaviors and addiction; leading me the the welcome path of recovery through different 12 step fellowship programs; I learned the three foundation stones in common to all recoveries are:

Powerlessness over my past and attempting to endure any of it in the present causes my life to become Unmanageable

I need a Higher Power in my life, a Mentor ,someone who Has Walked My Path and can Show Me The Way; a Fellowship of others who I can connect with and identify; A Program for Living that will teach me how to uphold and know healthy boundaries.

Finally to know and accept that I am not God. Having tried to manage my past, my demons, control others around me, manipulate others, blame others; that no matter what I attempt to do, the wheels keep coming off. My powerlessness told me I need to have a power available to me, when walking though ‘The Valley of The Shadow of Death’, with no-one in reach, no-one to call on for any reason; to have a support that will always be available to me, when I choose to be open to that Power, which in recovery rooms we call, God.

It is A Breath of Fresh Air, to embrace the concept that there is a Creator that created everything & He is able to manage all things in my life, if only I let Him.

With this in mind I take this opportunity to invite all those who have suffered a past trauma event[more commonly referred to as PTSD] to check out the link on my website to the fellowship of ACA , who offer a wonderful solution to empower each of us to break free of our past, and become new creations, I cannot recommend this fellowship highly enough.