Trauma is The Root Cause of every Dysfunctional Behavior and Mood Swing… this practice helps enormously.

It is believed that all dysfunctional behavior and our mood swings can be seen to have the need created in our past .they are learned behavior to keep us as safe and sane as we are capable with the skills we have. Unfortunately, for many of us these core events happened in our childhood environments when we has few developed healthy functioning coping skills. This practice enables each of us to see the what; who; how; and the why; of the healing event[s] that need to happen, to gain our freedom from our torment.


8/17/2021 2 min read

This practice is very helpful for each of us to see the actual picture of what is wrong; where it might have come from; the fact that the burdens we are carrying; the burdens we are suffering; are not ours.


Grab a piece of paper and a pen/marker/pencil

Draw a horizontal line with an arrow head on each end.

From the left end come in a small distance and put a mark [ x, dot, spot, circle]

From the right end ,come in a little but and also put a mark to present you in the present.

The first point is a universal trauma point of our birth

The next point for me was the trauma abandonment i experiences at age 4 when my mummy dropped me to school and left ,

The next point is aged 12 when i suffered my trauma event that defined me

And so on, we mark spots on the line to represent ant event that; for you; was traumatic. feel free to also add in points]a different color or shape] to represent any kind of achievements.

This is your goal for today, to create this timeline ,so that you can see all the events good and bad, that were never you [ we cannot be in two places or more at once] that you have been carrying the burden of unresolved memories that need to be processed, healed and released and they can be , spiritually through the teachings of Christ.

The Bible tells us ‘’Faith Without Works is Dead’’

Well the trusting in the teachings of Christ on how to cast out one’s demons is the faith part,

It is up to us; to do the work; and for me and those I worked with:

‘This works’, is the formula I share called:

The Victory Principle

Over the upcoming blogs I will share how and why I view the points on my timeline that defined me, and why it was imperative that I process, heal & release these events, in order that I might cast out my demons.

it is also necessary to understand more about this kind of work and there is no place better than the fellowship of ACA [ACOA] to learn of the dysfunction of enduring past trauma in the present and how our behaviors and coping skills have been molded by these core issues.

i have a link on my webpage to the fellowship of ACA , the laundry list and the solution. I recommend anyone who has ever suffered with a trauma memory, to seek out this fellowship ,because that is what awaits all of us, fellowship with others who have walked our path, still others who are walking our path and a healing practice, both for ourselves and our past lives.