The Only Person on This Earth who can Heal You of a Past Trauma Memory is You..!

The problem with talking about one’s Past Trauma Memory, is no-one will ever truly understand what that person went through, because The Event is Soul Destroying, and that cannot be conveyed in words or imagery.


8/17/2021 2 min read

There are no many good people out there who truly want to help those who suffer from past trauma memory and PTSD. From loved ones to family members and friends, to social workers and those in the therapeutic field.

But, sadly, all the empathy and care cannot understand or offer solace to a person who experienced a past trauma memory. The victim can use all their words, imagery, color and sound; to convey the environment of the event; but there are no words that can convey how the event damaged their soul and their innocence.

This is The True Wound that has to be healed; in the present; for the surviving victim to regain their life.

We all know, it’s not what is outside of us that defines our quality of life, but our perspective of what is outside of us. For persons who are carrying the burden of a memory that is not theirs; that belongs to a past aspect of them; this burden eats away at the very center of them; at their soul; like a cancer.

The only way to heal The Hole in The Soul, this Spiritual Malady is by involving

The Client

The Original Victim of the event

& a Spiritual Solution for Casting out Demons

for instance:

Now 65 years of age

the original victim was 12 years of age

The Bible tells us that through The Teachings of Christ Yeshuawe can Cast out our Demons [for me, these were anxiety, depression, pts, self-harm, shame &guilt][ I didn’t know at that age I suffered any of these, looking back through my healing event, i recognized them]

For my healing event , i followed those Teachings and my Victory Principle healing event to enable me to give back all of the event to the 12 year old version of me.

on completion of this event, i felt a change come over me and i knew peace of mind.

I still had to face up to the unmanageability in my life that had been created, but at that time I could do it. knowing there was nothing in the shadows any longer to derail me.

when I worked with others, we were now on the same page, i was no longer broken and a victim, i could now learn to be more responsible and present in my new life of freedom.

I don't know if I am conveying to you in my words, the transformation in releasing my past trauma memory back to it’s rightful owner. getting into words how one’s soul is whole again, I believe is near impossible. but i hope my best was good enough.

The bottom line for me:

Was I sick and tired of being sick and tired of life? YES!!

Was I sick and tired of being broken, with no outlook for normalcy to return? YES!!

Was I willing to treat this as a Spiritual Malady? YES!!

Was I open to a Spiritual Solution, even if that was God whom I had rejected 30 years before? YES!!

Was I ready to give back this burden to it's rightful owner? YES!!

These are the basic questions each person has to answer before they embrace The Victory Principle.

They are not easy or simple for everyone; for some who might be in therapy for years, dependent of medication, possibly dependent on the state for their welfare or livelihood; the thought of letting go of all that support will be quite frightening.

But please remember, Cause and Effect

The problem is the cause not how we are effected by it.

When we process, heal and release the cause, we can let go of the effect, there is no longer any need of it.

Some of it will fall away quite naturally while others are learned behaviors and they will take time, but thankfully there are clinically licensed professional to help you on that journey.