Learn how to Process, Heal & Release Past Trauma Memory and PTSD

Learn how to Process, Heal & Release Nightmares and Flashbacks.

You Are the Only Person on this Earth, who can heal you of your Past Trauma Memory, PTSD & the Nightmares and Flashbacks, you only need to learn how.

This is a  perfectly safe and non-intrusive practice that enables one to Process, Heal and Release such Past Trauma Memories.






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My time working with Richard has been the most life changing part of my journey of freedom from active addiction thus far. With very little coping skills; low emotional intelligence; overwhelmed by relationships & work; suffering shame & guilt resulting from my actions; found myself in Thailand seeking recovery in 2018. Richard tailored a program to my needs, introducing me to the power of forgiveness, meditation, spirituality and energy healing. He shared with me, a deep understanding of how addiction is a symptom of a deeper lying trauma, thus effecting and disrupting the life force energy of a person and their consciousness. For the first time in many years, I was able to experience a break from obsessive overthinking and negative self-talk; enabling me to give myself a break and free myself from the shame & guilt. To go easier on myself. This space to start to forgiving myself ,creating a foundation for recovery and progress towards finding, loving and accepting my true self. If you are truly committed to healing, through learning and adopting a spiritual solution to your craziness and moments of madness then i highly recommend to work with Richard.


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you willing and open-minded to changing your outlook and perceptions of your condition?

Are you willing to see your condition as a Spiritual Malady that Can only be Treated with a Spiritual Solution

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My 5 Step Program:       THE VICTORY PRINCIPLE


Admitting that the baggage I carry is not mine; accepting the powerlessness to fix or save others; trying  to do so , causes my own life in the present to become unmanageable

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Coming to understand, I need to return the burden of the past, to it's rightful owner, through a Spiritual Solution, with Good Orderly Direction of how to achieve this goal. I can no longer do this on my own. burden 


Accepting that The Victory Principle is based on The Teachings of Christ Yeshua; & to achieve this miracle; become  willing & openminded  to set aside all my old  beliefs & prejudices towards God; accepting that up to now, all my own best efforts have been found wanting 


Bringing all of this together into The Victory Principle; & accepting I am the final piece of the jigsaw ; needing to commit to letting go of this suffering that became a part of my identity.


Accepting that this is a continuous program of recovery; to protect myself from going backwards committing to turning off The Path of The Prodigal Son; embracing  The Spiritual Support of Christ Yeshua, abiding in me through The Holy Spirit and seeking support and learning a new way to Live & Love  through The Fellowship of ACA.

There is a Spiritual Solution:

Faith in The Teachings of Christ Yeshua


The Works we each need to do

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